[Oeva-list] Toyota announces a fuel cell powered EV.

Andy McConnell andy.mcconnell at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 13:42:24 PST 2014

For their next invention, they will provide a coal-burning boiler to
generate the heat needed to steam-power a generator to create the
electricity needed for electrolysis to create the hydrogen to power the
generator to create the electricity.  Sounds legit.


On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 1:27 PM, Steve's Account <stevel at fern.com> wrote:

> Toyota just announced, at the Consumer Electronics Show, a hydrogen fuel
> cell powered
> EV.
> It will be interesting to see how the effiencies match up with power plant
> fueled
> EV's.
> The first guy to build an affordable natural gas reformer for producing
> hydrogen
> in your garage will probably make a mint!
> Apparently Toyota is planning on putting hydrogen fueling stations at
> Toyota
> dealerships, much like the charging stations found at Nissan Dealerships
> now.
> The proposed 2015 model will have about a 300 mile range on one fill up.
> I wonder if their fuel cell can function as an electolyzer, for producing
> hydrogen.. a potential additional use for EV charging stations.
> Looks like interesting times ahead.
> Steve
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