[Oeva-list] Toyota announces a fuel cell powered EV.

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Tue Jan 14 14:21:06 PST 2014

Actually, you arn't far off.. one of the most efficient methods
for generating hydrogen uses steam... but it could be waste
heat from power plants.. any of a number of sources. And in large
enough plants, heat recovery from the process stream could make
them even more efficient.

And.. no.. electrolysis isn't the most efficient method to make
hydrogen... but.. if you already have a fuel cell.. and power
available.. you can use some of them "in reverse" to generate
hydrogen.. if you can solve the issues related to metal hydrides
then using such a method might give you an alternate "fueling


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On Tue, 14 Jan 2014, Andy McConnell wrote:

> For their next invention, they will provide a coal-burning boiler to
> generate the heat needed to steam-power a generator to create the
> electricity needed for electrolysis to create the hydrogen to power the
> generator to create the electricity.  Sounds legit.
> -Andy
> On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 1:27 PM, Steve's Account <stevel at fern.com> wrote:
>> Toyota just announced, at the Consumer Electronics Show, a hydrogen fuel
>> cell powered
>> EV.
>> It will be interesting to see how the effiencies match up with power plant
>> fueled
>> EV's.
>> The first guy to build an affordable natural gas reformer for producing
>> hydrogen
>> in your garage will probably make a mint!
>> Apparently Toyota is planning on putting hydrogen fueling stations at
>> Toyota
>> dealerships, much like the charging stations found at Nissan Dealerships
>> now.
>> The proposed 2015 model will have about a 300 mile range on one fill up.
>> I wonder if their fuel cell can function as an electolyzer, for producing
>> hydrogen.. a potential additional use for EV charging stations.
>> Looks like interesting times ahead.
>> Steve
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