[Oeva-list] Free E-bike: Q-Electric "Expresso"

Greg Long gregoregonmarketing at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 09:43:55 PST 2014

It's technically an electric-assist bicycle, 20mph, 500w motor, so no
registration or insurance requirements.  It retailed for $1000 in

I don't really have room for it in my apartment, and it's
unfortunately just not practical at my suburban location with higher
speed limits.  Great for residential streets or 20mph city-center type
streets.  My next bike will be a far more expensive one.

4 12volt Sealed-Lead-Acid (SLA) batteries
Brake cable
Headlamp (not required for daytime riding)

Pedals are in the storage compartment, I never used them.  There's
also storage under the seat.  Turn signals and brake lights all worked
last I rode it.  The left mirror broke near the base, it could
probably be bonded back on or the company may have an identical
replacement for not a whole lot of money.

I have a week to get it off my patio per apartment complex
regulations, and I figured an OEVA member/follower would be most
likely to make use of it as a project/gift sort of thing.  If no
response quickly I'll post to craigslist.

Thanks for reading,
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