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*ELF solar/pedal trike - test drives in Portland, Oregon *

*Jan 25, 26 and 28th*

PORTLAND, OREGON /January 20/ – Organic Transit is inviting the public and
press to test drive the ELF solar/pedal trike on January 25th, 26th
and 28thin greater Portland, Oregon, where the company is considering
opening an
assembly plant.

According to Rob Cotter, founder and CEO of Organic Transit and inventor of
the ELF, “Because the ELF promotes healthier commuters, more livable cities
and a cleaner planet, Portland is a perfect place for creating jobs in the
Green Economy.”

*The most efficient vehicle on the planet.*

Organic Transit is on a mission to get more cars off the road, and more
people in an ELF all across America. The company’s visionary, Rob Cotter,
has decades of experience in solar and human powered vehicles which is
evident in the ELF’s refined and patented technology.

Cotter calls the ELF the most energy efficient vehicle on the planet. The
ELF gets the equivalent of 1800 mpg and can prevent as much as 6 tons of
Co2 from entering the atmosphere each year.

The vehicle is highly refined and well appointed with mirrors, LED lights,
storage, and a protective enclosure that is lightweight and durable. The
batteries are charged by the solar panels or via any outlet. It is the
height of a car allowing easy travel in traffic, country roads or on bike
paths. (see Features) <http://www.organictransit.com/features/>

*The ELF revolution – thinking outside the car.*

Since the first ELF hit the streets in early 2013, it has quickly become
the media darling of clean technology and a new mode of transportation for
commuters, seniors, delivery services, college campuses, athletes and the
disabled across America. (ELF owner stories

*Plans to grow with new assembly plants.*

To date, the company has one assembly plant in Durham, North Carolina
headquarters, and a satellite plant in San Jose, California, that provides
job training for the unemployed.

During his visit to Portland this month, Rob Cotter will meet with city
officials, investors and business leaders to explore opportunities for
setting up a local manufacturing operation in the area.

“Portland is the mecca of the bicycle community and is environmentally
conscious,” says Cotter. “Building vehicles locally, creating local jobs
and using no fossil fuels that damage the atmosphere, it’s a “virtuous
cycle. We are looking to Portland to support our mission.”

Organic Transit is expanding ELF accessories including apps, jump seats and
cargo expansion for business fleets. This is more than an urban solution
but also plays a significant role for humanitarian relief in developing

“It’s a very exciting time, and we’re looking for partnerships to help us
meet growing demand. Organic Transit moves us beyond sustainability an into
environmental prosperity.”

*Invitation to test drive an ELF test drive on January 25th, 26th and 28th.*

The public and press are invited to test drive an ELF:

January 25th and 26th from 10 am to 4 pm at McMenamins Edgefield, 2126 SW
Halsey St, Troutdale, OR 97060. (Map <https://goo.gl/maps/OjGAm>)

January 28th from 11 am to 2 pm at 35 SE Main St, Portland, OR 97214.

To schedule a test drive, email TestDrive at OrganicTransit.com and write
"Portland" in the subject line and please indicate date and preference for
morning, noon or afternoon.

Contact 919-908-1599 or

Media contact: Martha at organictransit.com

Zach Henkin
Program Manager
Drive Oregon

P: 503.724.8670    zach at driveoregon.org
C: 503.803.3036    www.driveoregon.org


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