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 *Top Stories ================================================*
o Ryno: Electric, Urban Transportation on One Wheel - NYT
o EVDrive electric UTV makes zero-radius turns an awesome reality

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents =====================================*
o Twitter chat w/ Ford, Honda & others about Solar Power & Electric
Vehicles, Jan 29 http://buff.ly/1d3Oc6V
o Driving Toward an EV Future on Jefferson Public Radio Jan 31st
o Webinar: Policies for Advancing Plug-in Car Technology by Recargo,
February 5 http://buff.ly/1eOArJY
o Portland International Auto Show coming February 6-9, 2014
o webinar: Best practices for emergency responders to electric drive
vehicle battery incidents, Feb 11 http://buff.ly/1dEqKK0
o National Public Agency Green Transportation Conference, Portland, OR Feb
18-20, 2014 http://buff.ly/1bkHg0d
o Mt. Hood EV Ski Party Feb #SkiBowlEVParty Due to weather is postponed
until February 28, 2014
o Tesla Motors Club's Connect 2014, the second annual users' conference &
expo, July 18-20 http://buff.ly/1geHPSf
o The 3rd annual BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally scheduled to start August
10, 2014 http://buff.ly/1aWgQoK
o Route 66 International Festival - EVs wanted, Aug 14

 *Northwest EV News of Note ===================================*
o Washington State Pushes For Sales Tax Exemption For BMW i3 REx
o German escape artist, Cody Stone, does his act on a Solowheel from
Oregon's Inventist http://buff.ly/1fqBluJ
o Steve C traveled over 729 miles in 33 hours in his Nissan LEAF
o Plug-in Vehicles Sale Continue to Grow http://buff.ly/1jU4X6C
o Electric cars turn up fast in Washington | Seattle Times
o Riding the RYNO: When Two Wheels Is Too Many - Gizmodo
o Oregon has a new nickname "Land-o-CHAdeMO" http://buff.ly/MbBrOg
o Watch Carson Daly ride electric unicycle
o So this is what an electric, solar pedal vehicle looks -- and drives --
like. http://ORne.ws/LXBYCV  #elf
o Why My Next Vehicle Will Be A PHEV SUV http://buff.ly/1gdk6lc
o More People Are Moving To Oregon Than Any Other State
o Seattle Battery Maker Claims 'Next-Generation' Lithium Breakthrough
o RYNO Motors' Crazy Electric Unicycle, the Interview http://buff.ly/M5ufDv
o Oregon-based Brammo Going After UK Market With GoinGreen

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Coos Bay Fred Meyer on the Oregon Coast joins West Coast Electric Highway
o video: Need a little fun - Elon's Musk - A Fragrance by Elon Musk
o What if every gas pump had this warning? http://pic.twitter.com/FtlvU3imi8
o video: Electric car vs bike http://buff.ly/1e8g7mR
o video:Demo of EVDrive's latest Terra-Torque AWD w/ OEVA member Bob S
o 12th Man Pride on the Historic Columbia River Highway
o BMW i3 under a solar car port http://pic.twitter.com/RevoDybF5w
o Test drivers take ELF (photos) http://buff.ly/1jwxYrl
o Congratulations to John & Jill, first to drive across US using only free
Tesla Superchargers! http://buff.ly/1ch2UI0
o Shelina Moreda on her Brammo Empulse TTX http://buff.ly/1hXLqBk
o video: 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder PHEV Hypercar http://buff.ly/1dVJ6Ma
o video: BMW i3 Parallel Parks Itself With the Push of a Button

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
 o The Future of Cool: Electric Muscle Cars at the Detroit Auto Show
o "EV Everywhere Grand Challenge" $50 million in EV & battery grants
o VW planning hot, plug-in Golf GTE http://buff.ly/1k1MswR
o New study: controlled charging helps manage grid fluctuations and reduces
costs http://buff.ly/1k1K8WH
o Two teams from Tesla aiming to set a cross-country EV speed record this
week. Departing Fri from LA, arriving Sun in NY.
o BMW expects electric i3 demand to outstrip supply http://buff.ly/1gjFxBf
o Taking the cheapest electric car in the US for a test drive
o Letter: Electric car is a bargain http://buff.ly/MizOym
o Tesla To Set Cross Country EV Speed Record This Weekend!
o First-Ever Supercharged Tesla Model S Coast-to-Coast Road Trip is
Complete http://buff.ly/1jTt7hw
o Utah clean air rally draws thousands to Capitol http://buff.ly/1jRs8OF
o Kenguru Now Taking Pre-Orders For Wheelchair Accessible EV
o Encourage delivery trucks to go electric to clean the air

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