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Links to data on this topic:

Multi housing and EV charging:
Advanced Energy report: PEV charging options for multi housing dwellings

Advanced Energy report: Residential charging installation handbook
(including MHC)

How do multi-unit dwellings become PEV ready?

Clean Cities TV video: San Diego Prepares for Electric Vehicles in
Multi-Unit Dwelling Communities

Plug In America panel discussion video
On Jun 3, 2014 2:26 AM, "Philip N Barnhart" <phil at barnhart.us> wrote:

> Thanks, Richard,
> Does anyone have specific proposals? If we can come up with some I will
> pass them on to the Oregon Building Division and/or write a bill for 2015.
> I have been toying with the idea but do not have time to develop it myself.
> PGE has been working on this issue some, perhaps others as well. But
> having a part of the building code set up to allow municipalities to
> require it without reinventing the wheel each time is a great idea. Do the
> research and language construction once. For all I know, they may already
> be working on it.
> It occurs to me that the code could require the preparation for EV
> chargers (install conduit in parking areas/garages during construction,
> etc) to make it easy to retrofit later at low cost or even require a
> certain amount/level of installation.
> Thoughts? Ideas? Push backs?
> Phil Barnhart
> Tesla Model S Owner and
> Oregon State Rep.
> On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 6:12 PM, Richard Hamje <richard at hamje.net> wrote:
>> The states need to create model ordinances for cities to adopt allowing
>> and encouraging charging stations in multi-task housing.
>> I believe young people are the most open to EVs. Yet they are also the
>> most likely to live in apartments. If cities make it possible or even
>> mandatory to provide chargers, adoption will go way up.
>> My $.02
>> Richard Hamje
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