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*Top Stories ================================================*
 o Oregon is 1 of 8 States To Increase Zero Emission Vehicles
o Meet the First Chief Electric Vehicle Officer in the Nation
o Oregon man gets top spot on Fastest Electric Car in the World

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents =====================================*
o Our next meetup is June 12th http://buff.ly/1ua7u1w
o We'll be in the Hillsboro Rotary Club 4th of July Parade
o Oregon EV Fest 2014, July 5th at Pioneer Courthouse Square
o Tesla Motors Club's Connect 2014, 2nd annual users’ conference, July 18
o OMSI Drive Revolution: The Future of Transportation, July 19http:/
o FHWA Workshop on Electric Vehicles, EV Roadmap 7 bonus event, July 23
o Computers with Wheels, EV Roadmap 7 Bonus event, July 23
o EV Roadmap 7: Making Connections, July 24 http://buff.ly/1eqxd2j
o Energize Oregon Coalition Meeting, July 25 http://buff.ly/1k3iGtG
o Plug-in 2014, July 28-30 http://buff.ly/1sZV61J
o 3rd annual BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally scheduled to start, Aug 10
o Route 66 International Festival - EVs wanted, Aug 14
o National Drive Electric Week will be September 15 - 21 this year
o The Battery Show, September 16-18, 2014 Novi, Michigan

 *Northwest EV News of Note ===================================*
o Hillsboro Hops stadium gets solar carport over EV charging stations
o Electric Avenue in Portland is getting some upgrades
o 2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV: Arriving At Dealers, Updated, Cheaper
o Oregon engineer hopes to see his electric plane take flight
o PGE gets a Nissan e-NV200 Electric Van http://pic.twitter.com/k9meXHiZLT
o PGE gets a Nissan e-NV200 Electric Van (2/2)
o Lease the Brammo Empulse for as little as $269 http://ow.ly/xtXwV
o Alltrax Inc is a motor controller manufacturer in Grants Pass, Oregon
o Oregon Charging Ahead Toward Electric Cars & Trucks http://buff.ly/1ozgYTY

o Portland Crowned King of Bike Commuting http://buff.ly/1wsIdBN
o Federal and Local Incentives for Plug-in Hybrids and Electric Cars
o Action Plan for 3 Million ZEVs http://buff.ly/1mHWK5P

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o A tree fell on a LEAF. Driver lived. Details: http://buff.ly/1pw85e5
o This is range anxiety http://pic.twitter.com/cj3MDEfSqb
o World Record Electric Vehicle Parade Stuttgart - YouTube
o DELIVER Electric Van Is A Sci-Fi Package Shipper
o Electric Car World Record, Stuttgart, 2014
o Weather Versus Climate - YouTube http://buff.ly/1nBQWA4
o Something new on Electric Avenue PDX! http://pic.twitter.com/TTJECEUfLV
o Predicting the future of energy is not easy
o video: Electric cars no longer a thing of the future
o EV Ownership: Conversation w/ Experts by Union of Concerned Scientists
o Riding our Works Electric Rovers in Cannon Beach, Oregon - YouTube
o Electric Avenue PDX via http://pic.twitter.com/arsmhpDGwF
o inFact: The Cult of Nikola Tesla - YouTube http://buff.ly/1nyEaSK
o Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - Benefits & Features http://buff.ly/RHdpwk
o MINI Superleggera Electric Roadster - YouTube http://buff.ly/1k4WAZ1
o TurboCord: Portable Dual-Voltage EV Charger - YouTube
o VIA Motors 402HP Extended-Range Electric Truck - YouTube
o BMW i3 Safety Tips From The Track - YouTube http://buff.ly/1k0UqcV
o Google Self-Driving Car Project  - YouTube http://buff.ly/1k0T95C
o Saying Goodbye can be hard to do VW E-Golf - YouTube
o Chevrolet Volt among the most dependable cars money can buy
o Electric Motorcycle Racing Crash Laguna Seca - YouTube
o What you look like driving a gas-powered car

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
 o Will we see Tesla Motors in Formula E racing? http://buff.ly/1jPqydR
o “I now realize how much I miss my Volt” ? http://buff.ly/S4qJuX
o Tesla Motors 2014 Shareholder Meeting http://buff.ly/1hxqOUB
o Solar Panels & Electric Cars Will Kill Gas Stations, Says Professor
o Nissan Crushes Sales Record With LEAF In May http://buff.ly/SqsC5O
o Chevrolet Volt Sales Continue Upward Trend in May http://buff.ly/TaajT9
o 70% of Vehicles Riding on Underinflated Tires http://buff.ly/1h0YWrm
o EPA Rule Changes Mean That Grid Powered EV Will Get Cleaner - YouTube
o Tesla Model S Production Rate Now 700 Units Per Week, growing
o Worse Than Poop! http://buff.ly/1gOsU1J
o Take an "EVselfie" and you could win $250 http://buff.ly/1oEhQ9Z
o How Far Can A Volt Go In EV Mode? How About 81.8 Miles
o Volkswagen to enter US market with electric e-Golf http://buff.ly/1pExKOU
o Buying a Nissan LEAF? Read this guide http://buff.ly/1wx8Oxw
o Electric buses could save school districts millions http://buff.ly/1kmybIz

o First BMW i3 Drivers Share Impressions http://buff.ly/1k4VUD1
o Tesla CTO JB Straubel “I really love batteries. I might
   love batteries more than cars.” http://buff.ly/1k12FWr
o Electric Bus that never has to stop to recharge http://buff.ly/1kfI0YE
o Top 5 most popular electric cars in the US http://buff.ly/RxIpPu

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