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*Top Stories =================================================*
 Each week I am amazed how much local EV news there is. Well this week is
over the top:
1) Environment Oregon released their EV Report and invited us to the press
   release (photos below) http://buff.ly/1o0PuEs
2) TriMet is testing an electric bus and invited us to kick the tires
   (photos below) http://buff.ly/UwsS4y
3) Science Friday was here and exploring Oregon's EV industry
4) Oregon's favorite EV hero, Plasma Boy, has a new project & it is on the

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents =====================================*
o We'll be in the Hillsboro Rotary Club 4th of July Parade
o Oregon EV Fest 2014, July 5th at Pioneer Courthouse Square
o Tesla Motors Club's Connect 2014, 2nd annual users’ conference, July 18
o OMSI Drive Revolution: The Future of Transportation, July 19http:/
o FHWA Workshop on Electric Vehicles, EV Roadmap 7 bonus event, July 23
o Computers with Wheels, EV Roadmap 7 Bonus event, July 23
o EV Roadmap 7: Making Connections, July 24 http://buff.ly/1eqxd2j
o Energize Oregon Coalition Meeting, July 25 http://buff.ly/1k3iGtG
o Plug-in 2014, July 28-30 http://buff.ly/1sZV61J
o 3rd annual BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally scheduled to start, Aug 10
o Route 66 International Festival - EVs wanted, Aug 14
o National Drive Electric Week will be September 15 - 21 this year
o The Battery Show, September 16-18, 2014 Novi, Michigan

 *Northwest EV News =========================================*
o Want to ride TriMet's electric bus for free? Agency announces routes
o TriMet Tests BYD All-Electric Bus: Quick Ride http://buff.ly/1l4pwet
o The Latest WestCoastElectricHighway map now w/ Tesla Superchargers
o Tesla Model S not the fastest EV... that title belongs to a 1972 Datsun!
o Four Reasons Oregon May Reveal the Future of Transportation
o Oregon DEQ Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program job opening
o Portland General Testing Nissan Electric Van http://bit.ly/1qyuyaR
o 100% Electric Honda Del Sol conversion for sale
o Portland: its electric cars, car shares & one-wheeled motorcycles
o Reinventing How We Get Around The Portland Way http://buff.ly/1npQSOQ
o Elon Musk story by OEVA members Pat & Gary in PDX Green Living
o US DOT assistant secretary tours Portland http://buff.ly/1nQxQTz
o Oregon ranked as least corrupt state in the nation via http://Watchdog.org

o Voters will decide if better roads are worth $30 in Washington County,
Oregon http://buff.ly/1iaOCxR
o New MAX line in Portland? Where the next light rail line could run

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Environment Oregon says EVs Put the Brakes on Pollution
oo photo 8 http://pic.twitter.com/c0JGIZbOg8
oo photo 7 http://pic.twitter.com/qoEF1kxGVG
oo photo 6 http://pic.twitter.com/SeOVZYDV6w
oo photo 5 http://pic.twitter.com/ugZPP0pUE8
oo photo 4 http://pic.twitter.com/lNqyNaFHhE
oo photo 3 http://pic.twitter.com/m26hJwn18p
oo photo 2 http://pic.twitter.com/5OHkJGm1kd
oo photo 1 http://pic.twitter.com/zncwOhepXS

o TriMet Electric Test Bus Event - YouTube http://buff.ly/1lkzr4m
oo BYD Electric Bus in Portland (5/5) http://pic.twitter.com/1JKHvXll6Z
oo BYD Electric Bus in Portland (4/5) http://pic.twitter.com/CXOr2RO9Bg
oo BYD Electric Bus in Portland (3/5) http://pic.twitter.com/meqzNHAfG4
oo BYD Electric Bus in Portland (2/5) http://pic.twitter.com/1uPbZtWyZK
oo BYD Electric Bus in Portland (1/5) http://pic.twitter.com/R0FC9Lc6Ys
oo Inside TriMet's BYD Electric Bus (5/5) http://pic.twitter.com/FWLXt8M6La
oo Inside TriMet's BYD Electric Bus (4/5) http://pic.twitter.com/JW6Lc0jDD3
oo Inside TriMet's BYD Electric Bus (3/5) http://pic.twitter.com/IevQ7uGmiO
oo Inside TriMet's BYD Electric Bus (2/5) http://pic.twitter.com/udt9XyzqLq
oo Inside TriMet's BYD Electric Bus (1/5) http://pic.twitter.com/kvlqPpaxno

o Road-trip! http://pic.twitter.com/ZqzFIJbi3V
o Powering the electric car revolution - CNBC http://buff.ly/1npRpQR
o Plug-in Electric Vehicles Market Webinar - YouTube http://buff.ly/1nSK667
o ZER0IL http://pic.twitter.com/0cpuUB8jQ5
o Madras, Ore now part of the West Coast Electric Highway
o This Place - Astoria, Oregon - Vimeo http://buff.ly/1lDpqil
o Renew Oregon's Clean Fuels Program! - YouTube http://buff.ly/1nPOwe0
o Oregon is chock-full of fast charging stations
o To the Moon! http://pic.twitter.com/0YCtGRqGda
o National Drive Electric Week 2014 Call For Organizers - YouTube
o video: Stop Funding Terrorists http://buff.ly/Tmz4ez
o Harley Davidson's "LiveWire" electric motorcycle - YouTube

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
 o Workers of the World Unite for EV Charging http://buff.ly/1lkzdu7
o New Nissan "Feel Electric" app http://buff.ly/1rsBnIG
o BP: The World Has 53.3 Years of Oil Left http://buff.ly/1lKBqjA
o A Civil War Is Brewing In The Race To Replace Gasoline-Powered Cars
o EVs, Solar, & National Drive Electric Week http://buff.ly/1iZ0JZG
o ChargePoint is on CNBC’s “Disruptor 50” List http://buff.ly/Ti4Edr
o CarCharging To Integrate Tesla Technology Into Blink Network
o Morgan Stanley: Tesla is world's most important automaker
o Electric Harley-Davidson Signals the End of Era? http://buff.ly/1rk422C
o Ford InfographicExplains Plug-in Car Types http://buff.ly/1ijI7IX
o GM Offers Free Fix For 2012-13 Chevrolet Volt Battery Coolant Issue
o GM Wants to Quadruple EV Sales Goals http://wp.me/p3Wmvj-aa
o Behind The Scenes: Tesla's "Secret" Meeting With BMW
o Chevrolet Volt Drivers Pass 500 Million Miles On Electricity
o video: Harley-Davidson announces its first electric motorcycle, The
"LiveWire" http://buff.ly/Tb3v7p
o ChargePoint Logs Five Millionth Charging Session
o 2015 Kia Soul EV Electric Car Enters Production http://buff.ly/1nPLuqe
o Consumer Reports On Electric Vehicle Reliability: "Electric Cars Have
Been Stellar" http://buff.ly/1i8Ha5Z

          =D~~~ Live Regeneratively!
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