[Oeva-list] 4th of July Parade in Creswell

Patrick patrick at oeva.org
Mon Jun 30 10:46:04 PDT 2014


If you would like to drive your EV in the Creswell parade, please
contact Philip
N Barnhart <phil at barnhart.us>.


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I will be in the parade in Creswell, one of the larger ones. It is in my
legislative district and thus of special interest to me. I will be walking
with the local Democrats. It is not too late to get an EV entry that could
have several vehicles if people want to do it. I will help if people
contact me right away.  Having some Teslas, Leafs, etc would be great.
Perhaps some OEVA or other signs to point out what the fuss is about. Candy
for throwing is a tradition as well.

People come from a long way to view the parade and attend the celebration
around it, many from Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove and both east and

Phil Barnhart
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