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We've made a few trips in our 2012 Leaf from East Portland to Lincoln City.  Depending on how much charge we begin with we've stopped in Newberg for a quick charge if needed, then Spirit Mountain at their conveniently located QC, then plugged in in Lincoln City overnight in the 110 of the house we rent.  Loaded with 4 people and supplies the car's made it there and back just fine.

There's also a QC in Sherwood just off 99 that we've used when needed.  

We're at 26k miles on the Leaf and haven't lost any bars yet.  It's hard to say if we've lost any general capacity as the last Leaf update reset the mileage guesstimator and so I've lost my point of reference.

I still love driving my Leaf, it's a great car.  When Tesla comes out with their smaller sedan the Leaf will be replaced with the $30k-ish Tesla, in red of course. :)

> On May 7, 2014, at 5:52 PM, Mark Powell <terrapin99 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I took my Leaf to Pacific City on Sunday. The charging experience wasn't too bad. I broke down and bought the monthly charging package from AV. I'm not sure if it will pan out for me but $19.99 for unlimited charging is better than standing around waiting for tech support to authorize a single charge for $7.50. 
> The charging station at Spirit Mountain Casino was nicely placed next to the mini-mart with bathrooms and refreshments. The charge was quick and convenient. 
> I drove to Pacific City and enjoyed lunch with my son at the Pelican. I made it back to Lincoln City with a few miles left on the battery and found my way to the Cultural Center for another quick charge.
> It amazes me that they don't place the charging in more prominent locations. We walked about 8 blocks before we found anything of interest. My son enjoyed the puddles and the rain, not to mention the salt water taffy. 
> The full charge was enough to get us back to Salem with quite a bit to spare. 
> I'm interested to hear from others who have explored the Oregon Coast. Where have you traveled and what was your charging experience?
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>>     Workplace Charging (5/14) (Drive Oregon)
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>> From: Patrick <patrick at oeva.org>
>> Subject: [Oeva-list] Oregon EV News of the Week 2014 May 6
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>> *Top Stories ================================================*
>> o We posted our 10,000th tweet this week. It was about the 200,000th PEV
>>  sold in the US! We started this social media experiment almost 4 years
>>  ago. Now we have over 3,000 followers. The EAA and Sac EV clubs are
>>  looking to us as a model to spread the plug in word. Here is that tweet:
>> According to Plug In America estimates the US's 200,000th plug-in
>> vehicle was sold on Cinco De Mayo! Celebration!
>> *Upcoming Oregon EVents =====================================*
>> o National Drive Electric Week Volunteer Sign-up http://buff.ly/1mjqwhi
>> o Largest Clean Fleet Conference in North America, May 6, 2014
>> http://buff.ly/1ipJaQK
>> o Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, this Thur
>> http://buff.ly/1iVV89N
>> o Spring Root Beer & Electric Vehicle Show: May 11, 2014
>> http://buff.ly/1fVpi6W
>> o Oregon Department of Energy public session for Alt Vehicles, May 15th
>> http://buff.ly/QXBVtl
>> o EV Ownership: Expert Conversations  - May 18, 2014 http://buff.ly/1rNTebB
>> o Oregon EV Fest 2014, July 5th at Pioneer Courthouse Square
>> http://buff.ly/1gHfXFO
>> o Tesla Motors Club's Connect 2014, 2nd annual users? conference, July 18
>> http://buff.ly/1geHPSf
>> o Energize Oregon Coalition Meeting, July 23 http://buff.ly/1gRJTuU
>> o EV Roadmap 7: Making Connections, July 24 http://buff.ly/1eqxd2j
>> o The 3rd annual BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally scheduled to start August
>> 10, 2014 http://buff.ly/1aWgQoK
>> o Route 66 International Festival - EVs wanted, Aug 14
>> http://buff.ly/1ggx9Cs
>> o National Plug In Day Is Now National Drive Electric Week - Coming This
>> September http://buff.ly/1nTY9dC
>> o The Battery Show, September 16-18, 2014 Novi, Michigan
>> http://buff.ly/1cqo3M4
>> *Northwest EV News of Note ===================================*
>> o Kaiser plugs into e-bike research http://buff.ly/1j4zAbg
>> o Top 5 Reasons Portland is a Great City for eBiking http://buff.ly/1iVWMrV
>> o Trailblazers LaMarcus Aldridge adds a Tesla Model S to his Car Collection
>> http://buff.ly/1mnevYb
>> o Tillamook installs solar & batteries to power EV charging stations
>> http://buff.ly/1mndijG
>> o New tanker cars required in Oregon and NY for all crude oil trains
>> http://buff.ly/1micBZ5
>> o Eco-friendly house, Electrathon races in Riverside Tech?s future
>> http://buff.ly/1jm5S0E
>> o Wave energy company opts out of Oregon http://buff.ly/1kplpuP
>> o FIAT 500e is Coming to Oregon but It is Still a Compliance Car
>> http://buff.ly/1ftAUEI
>> o Spring is here. Looking for a new mower? Make sure to get one that is
>>  "eLawn Musk" approved http://pic.twitter.com/lmYVY0VPF3
>> o Wash. Gov. Inslee Signs Executive Order On State Greenhouse Gas Emissions
>> Reductions http://buff.ly/1kpjKoX
>> *Photos & Videos ============================================*
>> o Which is cheaper to drive, an old gas car or a new Leaf?
>>  Infographic http://pic.twitter.com/leO5VRnaMg
>> o Oregon EV Chief Ashley Horvat takes Blazer star Jerome Kersey & his wife
>>  Teri on the Plug & Pinot tour #PlugAndPinot
>> http://pic.twitter.com/qG0ZQT6ZRU
>> o Tesla's new titanium battery shield plate reviewed by Consumer Reports
>>  YouTube http://buff.ly/1iVU9qf
>> o Plug And Pinot http://pic.twitter.com/Rm2ReDmUaj
>> o Oregon manufacturing & EV companies gather to hear from manufacturing
>>  experts http://pic.twitter.com/h0DU0O2XoD
>> o Laura & her 2014 Ford Focus Electric w/ \solar panels at Sokol Blosser
>>  #PlugAndPinot http://pic.twitter.com/CEbIPgnAkh
>> o video: Don Garlits Takes EV Dragster To 184 MPH http://buff.ly/1j3bAVQ
>> o George Takei's Take Electric Cars | Takei's Take Ep 12
>>  YouTube http://buff.ly/1umWM8Q
>> o Mini Tesla Supercharger for your phone http://pic.twitter.com/1kWm6qRSE0
>> o Nissan LEAF Late Night Race Through a Sleepy Village
>>  YouTube http://buff.ly/1lLYaxR
>> o Japanese Steampunk Style Mini Electric Car
>> http://pic.twitter.com/eF2Y8sa9iR
>> o Volts for Oil | Fully Charged: How many kWh in a gallon?
>> http://buff.ly/1rOltad
>> o Electric motorcycle test ride - YouTube http://buff.ly/1lHPo43
>> o What are you fighting for? http://pic.twitter.com/CK2gaGEZNf
>> o Tesla CEO 'We had to make electric cars a no-brainer' [video]
>> http://buff.ly/1jm7vLQ
>> o Times they are achangin' Nozzie - YouTube http://buff.ly/1mju5UP
>> o Mt. Hood and the Columbia River, Oregon http://pic.twitter.com/TnMkqYG8Ch
>> *Other EV News of Note =======================================*
>> o The most efficient car in the US is the BMW i3 electric
>> http://buff.ly/1j60iA8
>> o Misleading Lexus ad trashes plug-in vehicles http://buff.ly/1kILo0j
>> o Tesla Motors Fined $89,000 For 7 Safety Violations Linked To Fremont
>> Factory Fire http://buff.ly/1rVZXjO
>> o BMW Designworks Solar Carport and BMW i Wallbox Pro http://buff.ly/1j3aPw4
>> o 700 Miles in an Electric Bus in One Day  http://buff.ly/1fJzxSv
>> o Pulling Back the Veil on EV Charging Station Costs http://buff.ly/1fJz4Qr
>> o Tesla Model S Rear Ended By Big Rig http://buff.ly/1j38Yr3
>> o Worldwide EV market is forecasted to grow to more than 12 million
>> vehicles in 2021 http://buff.ly/1kD3hxE
>> o Mercedes teams with Tesla on $41K electric car http://buff.ly/1g0Uinf
>> o Nissan Reaching Sales Records http://buff.ly/1kARAra
>> o Chevrolet Volt Sales Improve In April http://buff.ly/1fGMnAZ
>> o Fossil Fuel Subsidies Cost ~$2 Trillion Annually, According To IMF
>> http://buff.ly/1kARj7A
>> o Indigenous Amazonian People Threatened by Oil Drilling
>> http://buff.ly/1iVSzEA
>> o Elon Musk named World's Top Eco-Innovators in Furtune's top 25 list
>> http://buff.ly/1mpnh85
>> o Electric Mercedes-Benz B-Class priced to challenge the BMW i3
>> http://buff.ly/1lHOvIN
>> o Big Daddy Don Garlits Pilots EV Dragster To 184.01 MPH In 1/4 Mile
>> http://buff.ly/1iTYr1e
>> o First US BMW i3 Delivery http://buff.ly/1rOpnzM
>> o Vermont lawmaker wants to make EV tax credits larger and easier to access
>> http://buff.ly/1n8FQyF
>> o Electric E-Fan Aircraft Successfully Completes First Public Flight
>> http://buff.ly/1krhf5M
>> o First burnout by Electric Big Daddy http://buff.ly/1fvc4EL
>> o BMW i8 Production Now Underway - Cars Coming to US in June
>> http://buff.ly/1fu5YV4
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>> Plugging In @ Work: The Importance of Workplace Charging (http://driveoregon.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0ad2b36c81b1d8ac36d2e51a7&id=e30fe31fee&e=1292aedb3d)
>> Wednesday, May 14 (3:00 - 5:00 PM)
>> Kell's Irish Pub - Map (http://driveoregon.us7.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=0ad2b36c81b1d8ac36d2e51a7&id=fe185ab37c&e=1292aedb3d)
>> Hear what the conversation about workplace charging is all about by joining us next Wednesday.  Our May monthly event will highlight the importance and benefits of workplace charging, briefly review the range of options available to companies looking to provide charging, and present case studies from businesses that have committed to doing so.
>> We are also excited to announce this event will officially kick off the Oregon Workplace Charging Challenge, which will culminate in a formal recognition ceremony for Oregon employers this July at the EV Roadmap 7 Conference (http://driveoregon.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0ad2b36c81b1d8ac36d2e51a7&id=037ad9c519&e=1292aedb3d) .  Attend to see how you can get involved!
>> Space is filling up fast, so reserve your ticket now! (http://driveoregon.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0ad2b36c81b1d8ac36d2e51a7&id=f4cb97770b&e=1292aedb3d)  Attendance is FREE for Drive Oregon members, $25 for non-members.
>> Sponsorship Opportunities Available
>> If you would like to introduce your company to our audience and demonstrate your commitment to the industry, consider sponsoring our events.  Contact emmaline at driveoregon.org (mailto:emmaline at driveoregon.org) for more information.
>> Other Upcoming Events - See our website for more networking opportunities!
>> South Korea Roundtable: Market Overview & Opportunities for EV Firms (http://driveoregon.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0ad2b36c81b1d8ac36d2e51a7&id=f3c45b75c8&e=1292aedb3d)
>> Monday, May 19 (2:00 - 3:30 PM)
>> Business Oregon Offices, Downtown Portland - Map (http://driveoregon.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0ad2b36c81b1d8ac36d2e51a7&id=27067dc644&e=1292aedb3d)
>> This roundtable will feature a presentation by Shawn Kim, Assistant Director of the State of Oregon's Korean Representative Office.  Mr. Kim will introduce attendees to South Korean market for electric vehicles, discuss important approach to take when doing business in South Korea, and highlight networks Oregon firms could access, to support trade partnerships.
>> This program is free, but registration is required. Space is limited!
>> Drive Oregon is proud to partner with Business Oregon (http://driveoregon.us7.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=0ad2b36c81b1d8ac36d2e51a7&id=f00a56a7db&e=1292aedb3d)  and the US Commercial Service - Portland Export Assistance Center (http://driveoregon.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0ad2b36c81b1d8ac36d2e51a7&id=9bc704e742&e=1292aedb3d)  to host this event.  Thank you!
>> EV Roadmap 7: Making Connections (http://driveoregon.us7.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=0ad2b36c81b1d8ac36d2e51a7&id=887479e478&e=1292aedb3d)
>> July 24-25, 2014
>> World Trade Center Portland - Map (http://driveoregon.us7.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=0ad2b36c81b1d8ac36d2e51a7&id=662fb6b093&e=1292aedb3d)
>> The EV Roadmap series of workshops has established itself as the Pacific Northwest's premier electric vehicle gathering and one of the leading electric vehicle conferences in the United States. The "EV Roadmap" workshop series brings together Oregon's early adopters with national and international experts to inform transportation electrification efforts across the nation.  Interested in exhibiting and connecting your firm with these key industry players?  Contact emmaline at driveoregon.org (mailto:emmaline at driveoregon.org) .
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