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Thu May 8 13:04:04 PDT 2014

I did the trip from Sherwood to Coos Bay, via HWY 18 to Lincoln City, in
late 2012.
At that time Newberg, Newport and Yachats were the only high speed chargers.


With the Grande Rhonde, Lincoln City, Florence and Coos Bay now online
with DCQC the trip would probably take half the time and be more


> On 5/7/14 5:52 PM, Mark Powell wrote:
>> I'm interested to hear from others who have explored the Oregon Coast.
>> Where have you traveled and what was your charging experience?
> I agree with you about the Lincoln City charging station - it was really
> hard to find.  I've gone from Corvallis to Lincoln City 2 or 3 times
> now, the first time was before the quick charge was in and I had to use
> the RV park a mile or so down the road.  The QC is much nicer.
> I drove to Newport once as well, but it's a stretch to get over the
> coast range to Corvallis, especially as the pack is aging, though I
> think it's still doable when I don't have to use the defroster if I let
> it charge to 100% (QC to 80 then move to L2 while going down to the
> waterfront).
> Last New Years, while out at the coast, I drove up to Tillamook also and
> had lunch while charging at Freddies there.  I forget which restaurant
> is just south of Freddies though, and google earth is letting me down.
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