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Nick nickgaladay at msn.com
Fri May 9 14:47:51 PDT 2014

Yes, I did recently buy a new car.  And alas, it wasn't the Leaf I'd long
coveted but rather a garden variety hybrid sedan (Kia Optima).  But my
buyer's remorse is not so much because it doesn't plug in, but rather
because it only gets 35 mpg on a good day.  It appears Toyota Prius (and its
many siblings) has a patent lock on the most efficient hybrid architecture
available (planetary unit).  Competitors must go through other less elegant
gyrations to decouple their engines from the drive train.  Honda, believe it
or not, shut off the engine and blows the exhaust valves open to relieve
compression braking, and calls that good enough!  My Kia has a wet clutch
(remember your motorcycle).  So I'd long been a fan and advocate of Toyota's
courage and forward thinking from the day it first released the Prius over a
decade ago.  They should still be praised for doing what marketing folks
call the "concept sell".  They've done more of the heavy lifting than any
other auto manufacturer toward improving the efficiency of passenger cars.  


But now, for some strange reason, they've decided to go off sideways through
the weeds!  Despite their excellent (Tesla) RAV-4 EV and PI-Prius, they are
now turning their backs on plug-ins.  They are now running a series of ads
ridiculing (and obfuscating) plug-in technology.  And, it's not beneath them
to outright lie to make their faux points.  




I'd eschewed the plug-in Prius as an option primarily because of Toyota's
"floor mats" PR obfuscation - rather than admit the real cause of those
deaths (my argument against 'throttle by wire' appeared previously in this
space).  But now I'm especially glad they got none of my money, so as not to
have contributed to their inexplicable anti-EV advertising campaign.  I
think the policy decision makers at Toyota USA may actually believe their
own anti-EV propaganda.  Or is it the long arm of oil money we're seeing?
So big, so wealthy, so stupid!  Shame on you Toyota.


Nick Galaday

Vernonia, OR 


Energy conservation--

                    saves more than energy!


The day is fast approaching when we'll look back at burning stuff in our
cars to make them go as quite quaint,  

Like a Stanley Steamer or riding a horse to school!

(OEVA - Oregon Electric Vehicle Assn.)


What part of "A well-regulated militia"* don't they understand?

(*second amendment of the US Constitution)


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