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>From Don Garlits

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From: Don Garlits <don at garlits.com>
Date: May 11, 2014, 8:25:50 AM CDT
To: John Metric <john.metric at yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Congratulations from National Electric Drag Racing Association

Thank you so much for all the cooperation from NEDRA, what a great organization, doing so much to spread the word about electric vehicles, as for me "All head full"! I would love to have  a nice world record certificate, as it's my first attempt and will look nice in my office. What ever the charge, no problem and I would love to be included in all the milestone clubs.
Don Garlits
On May 11, 2014, at 4:15 AM, John Metric <john.metric at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Don, 
> On behalf of the National Electric Drag Racing Association, I would like to inform you that your application for record has been approved and posted on the www.nedra.com website.
> You are officially the quickest 4-wheeled EV driver on the planet!
> We are all overwhelmed with your great success at the track and with all the great follow up interviews you have been doing. Some of your insights and vision for the sport are quite compelling, I have watched several of them multiple times. We are playing them all over the country in EV clubs and Electric Auto Association Meetings.
> We would love to coordinate any additional roll outs of announcements with your publicity folks.
> Please consider us when it is time to help spread the word.
> We have members all over the world who have been building EV dragsters as the technology has been progressing. You have put together some of the best minds in the world to contribute to your team.
> I hope I can get to meet you someday, perhaps if you go on tour to Houston with that awesome machine.
> We have nice world record certificates available, but perhaps you would like to wait until your June test dates.
> I assume you would like to enter the various drivers clubs we have.
> I think you just qualified for about nine of them in one day, a new record.
> 1/4 mile - 100mph club, 125mph club, 150mph club, 175mph club, 7 second ET Club
> 1/8th mile - 100mph club, 125mph club, 150mph club, 4 second ET club
> The record postings are officially kept at http://nedra.com/record_holders.html we take two time slips within 1% to take the faster time otherwise we take the slower time. We are going to have to hire a small army to update all the club web pages.
> Congratulations and thanks.
> John Metric
> President - National Electric Drag Racing Association 

and this....

 From: John Metric john.metric at yahoo.com [NEDRA] <NEDRA at yahoogroups.com>;
To: nedraboard <nedraboard at yahoogroups.com>; NEDRA <NEDRA at yahoogroups.com>;
Subject: [NEDRA] Garlits Record
Sent: Sun, May 11, 2014 8:26:55 AM


Gentlemen, probably the biggest single event since I have taken over is the Announcement of Don Garlits application to NEDRA for a world record.
Brian has approved the application and it is official.
Let's get out there and talk it up.

A couple of things I have been seeing that need to be stamped out.
Autoblog green announced that Don did not make a backup run, so there is no record. This is untrue, he did 6 runs that day.
A couple of blog sites have discussions going that state there is no electric vehicle class in the NHRA or IHRA. This is untrue, both have two classes, cars and motorcycles. (he is technically racing faster than the ET class right now.) but I hope this will finally convince them to approve an advance ET class. This was furthered along with a comment Don made in one of the interviews that said that there were no EV classes in IHRA. That was mistaken.

Garlits said in one interview "Garlits goes Green", I think this is possibly the biggest single paradigm shift in autosports history. Quote me on that.

John Metric
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