[Oeva-list] Oregon And 7 Other States Plan To Increase Zero Emission Vehicles

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Sat May 31 11:32:21 PDT 2014

On 5/31/14 8:08 AM, patrick0101 at gmail.com wrote:

> What do you think of the action plan?

Very vague, but I suppose an initial plan is necessarily so.  I think it
deals with the peripheral issues, as the single issue holding EVs back
is battery technology.  When batteries permit a 200 mile $20K EV, you
won't be able to make them fast enough to meet the demand even if you
did nothing else.  They're on the way, and the charging infrastructure
we're currently building out is being built for the current, short term,
technology.  It's better that it's here now than putting it off for
future capability! but we will need multiple 100kW capacity like Tesla
is building out instead of the single 50kW capacity that we are
currently rolling out.  We're going to need a grid that can handle it
too, so that places like Elsie aren't problems, or battery buffered
charging stations, which is probably a good way to go in any case.

> What do you think about Oregon's infrastructure?

Good, but I'd like to see the charging station density doubled outside
of the metro areas to lower the risk of getting stranded because one
isn't working (like the Woodburn station has been for a couple of weeks
now, which is fortunately *is* in an area with a higher density).  And
just because I happened to think about this recently, I could use a
charging station in Alsea ;-)  One in Burnt Woods would be helpful too.
 The remote rural areas stretch the range with mountains and winter
climate control needs.

> What about the fees to use the infrastructure? 

I also would like to see time based fees.

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