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*Headlines ==================================================*
o Arcimoto Los Angeles Launch! December 8th http://buff.ly/1HygtEO

*Northwest EV News ===========================================*
o Clean-energy piggybank - Hood River Letter to the Editor
o Electric Motorcycle Comparison - Zero & Victory http://buff.ly/1Nh0FXe
o Tesla to open new sales/service/charging site in Portland's south
waterfront http://buff.ly/1kY3YrY
o Portland Unanimously Passes Resolution To Block Expansion Of Fossil Fuel
Storage + Transport http://ow.ly/V4NKH  via @EVObsession
o Bikes, Brands & Badges: What’s In A Name? Victory, Brammo, and Indian
o 8 Takeaways from Oregon’s Global Warming Commission’s Report
o Roaming To Come To Electric-Car Charging Stations, Eventually
o How Will Driverless Cars Change Our World? http://buff.ly/1IsEt77

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Vintage Electric Bicycles on Jay Leno's Garage - YouTube
o Leno on cars' complicated relationship with fuel and the rise of EVs
(video) http://buff.ly/1l32Hjp
o Where do you keep your EVSE? At Blantyre Hotel the answer is in a bear's
backpack! via PlugShare
o Amazon Shows Off New Delivery Drones With 'Top Gear's' Clarkson (video)
o Brandalism 2015 - COP21 Paris Climate Talks - YouTube
o Norway, A Leading Example Of Electric Vehicle Adoption - Video
o New Toroidion 1MW Concept Electric Hypercar - YouTube
o Arcimoto SRK at the Oregon civil war game http://buff.ly/1OlmmWY
o Nissan LEAF Electric Journey - Youtube http://buff.ly/1Oj3UhR
o Oregon environmental plan makes polluters pay (video)
o TBT: A Do-It-Yourself Approach To The Electric Car (audio)
o Sleek solar powered electric yacht w/ self-driving feature
o All-New 2016 Chevrolet Volt Extends Its Appeal (video)
o Q&A: Vancouver Oil-By-Rail Environmental Review (audio)

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o Electric VW Phaeton Delayed To 2020, May Use Audi e-Tron Quattro
Powertrain http://buff.ly/1ThiUfB
o Electric cars crucial to addressing climate change (Study)
o Car review: VW's all-electric e-Golf is as zippy and roomy as gas version
o Volkswagen CEO Confirms All-Electric Phaeton Sedan 'Delayed' By Emissions
Scandal http://buff.ly/1OBfyTC
o Here's why most car dealers are lousy at selling electric cars
o US rules to require running sounds for EVs delayed again
o Audi will sell EV the same way Tesla does http://buff.ly/1TgrgnE
o Google hires the man in charge of Tesla's Autopilot feature
o COP-21 climate deal in Paris spells end of the fossil era
o For Students (or anyone), Building an EV is Very Educational
o Finally, China charges its EV drive http://buff.ly/1XCnhDf
o Tesla Model S Has Ruined Cars For Me http://buff.ly/1Op6lj2
o Charging Your Electric Car At Home - A Beginners Buying Guide
o Tesla Motors Inc Continues to “Electrify” the US at Exponential Pace
o Oil Change International team in Paris UN climate conference
o Dogs Prefer Electric Cars http://buff.ly/1Hx1X02
o Some States Assess Fees on EVs For Lost Fuel Tax Revenue
o How Fast Can We Transition to a Low-Carbon Energy System?
o So, You Want to Buy a 'Hoverboard'... WIRED http://buff.ly/1YzaBPR
o Electric Vehicle Charging Levels Explained http://buff.ly/1Yz6frY
o Robo-Race the world's first driverless car racing series
o Plug-In Hybrid Sales In France Already Almost Doubled This Year
o Report: Car Dealers Holding Back EV Sales In America
o Electric cars could help the planet significantly by 2050
o Tiny Mazda has big plans for an electric future http://buff.ly/1Id96Ta
o Morgan Stanley thinks gas-powered cars doomed & that's great for Tesla
o Li-air battery could make oil obsolete in ten years http://buff.ly/1XshYpR

o Natural-Gas Vehicles To Get Electric-Car Tax Credit In Transportation
Bill? http://buff.ly/1LAGJJm
o 100% electric buses in Seattle http://buff.ly/1IbRmrx
o GM 'deeply committed' to electric cars http://buff.ly/1PPGj9K
o Going on a Plug-in Road Trip This Holiday Season? Make Sure You Follow
These Five Tips http://buff.ly/1T5FDuM
o Faraday Future: The secretive car company chasing Tesla - YouTube
o Tesla's Model X: Promises Kept And Broken - Forbes http://buff.ly/1Ytj3jr

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