[Oeva-list] Looking to rent Spark and BMW i3 EVs

Dima Kukushkin dimakukushkin at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 13:52:02 PST 2015

Hellow Dear EV owners!

Since I lost my leaf to an accident, I started looking around for next
exciting ride.  Likely a used one, and likely not a Tesla.  Because has to
be on a budget.

I rented 2015 Volt for couple days - and was VERY pleased with experinence
overall.  However a little upset with cost per mile on electricity - I get
25 miles per 12kwh out of the wall, while previous rented 2015 leaf got me
75 miles per 24kwh. In winter, with heat.

that is about 1.5x worse.  46 kWh/100 miles Volt15 vs 30 kWh/100 miles
Leaf15.  However near same as my 4-year old Leaf11 was- 50 miles per 20kwh
out of the wall.

Is that what peole are seeing? Or am I failing to compare properly?

And now i'm on the quest - looking to rent other available BEV or PHEV for
2-3 days, at reasonable cost (Volt was $30 per day).  I am shooting videos
about each experience and post to youtube (allthou with russian comments,
for RCIS audience, sorry).

So, 2 questions -
1 -  am I off on efficiency calculations to what others see in NW winter?
2 - any leads to where I can rent others EVs?   Starting with SPARK and
BMW.  Or will be happy to do a car swap for 2008 HiHy.

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