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*Headlines ==================================================*
o With this rain — Keep clear of electrical equipment in flooded areas.
Standing water conducts electricity
o Arcimoto: The Everyman EV http://buff.ly/1NtcQAy

*EVents ====================================================*
o OEVA Holiday party, December 10th  http://oeva.org
o Green Festival Expo Comes to Portland, December 11th – 13th

*Northwest EV News ==========================================*
o Transportation bill contains additional money for Oregon
o More oil trains in Oregon & Washington? http://buff.ly/1PWnUIZ
o Report calls for greenhouse gas emissions limits in Oregon
o Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley in the 3D-printed Shelby Cobra at COP21
o West Coast is taking the lead on climate change http://buff.ly/1XIo3E6
o Eugene Oregon group helps turn the tide against coal
o Oregon's Merkley joins congressional delegation at Paris climate talks
o Oregon's clean economy growing much faster than rest of state
o 2015 Fiat 500e — $169 per month/36 months http://buff.ly/1XHmRkl
o 2015 Ford Focus Electric — $199 per month/36 months http://buff.ly/1XHmXZ4

o 2015 Nissan Leaf S — $199 per month/36 months http://buff.ly/1Nw9Gfb
o 2015 Smart Fortwo Electric Cabriolet — $199 and $219 per month/24 and 36
months http://buff.ly/1XHnbzp
o Oregon needs to limit emissions http://buff.ly/1Ntciun
o Arcimoto SRK 8 http://buff.ly/1IDrU9f
o Tesla Model S Driven 1,900 Miles From Calgary To Disneyland
o Protect Oregon from LNG http://buff.ly/1LN5zWN

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Arcimoto: The Everyman EV - Part 1 - YouTube http://buff.ly/1lyIHou
o Arcimoto: The Everyman EV - Part 2 - YouTube http://buff.ly/1NsydBZ
o Consumer Reports Explores Tesla Autopilot - Video http://buff.ly/1lGAYVx
o Tesla Model S heated seats & steering wheel through an infrared camera
o The World's First 3D-Printed Car Featured on Jay Leno's Garage
o Use Old Electric-Car Batteries To Electrify Used Vans, Carwatt Suggests
(Video) http://buff.ly/1NtcIAW
o This electric scooter is the ultimate hipster dad chariot (video)
o Elon Musk Speaks In France During COP21 Talks (video)

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o Squeezable soft body battery made from wood http://buff.ly/1NHrpMH
o Volkswagen will debut an electric concept car at CES next month
o Hyundai Ioniq To Be Offered In BEV, PHEV, HEV IN 2016
o 12 propellers,16 motors, long-range flight electric airplane
o Google says its drone delivery service could take flight in 2017
o Gogoro Gears Up For Launch Of Battery-Swapping Electric Scooter
o What Comes After Lithium-Ion Batteries To Power Electric Cars, And When?
o Why Do People Argue Against Electric Cars? http://buff.ly/1lHjbNZ
o Hydrogen Refuelling: Expensive & Ineffective http://buff.ly/1HPb1gV
o Mini EV Prize entries open now! Primary schools = heaps of cool prizes,
trophies and glory!! http://bit.ly/1NePknf
o Report: 700,000 Plug-In Electric Cars To Be Sold Worldwide In 2016 -
China To Dominate EV Sales http://buff.ly/1ll5DZ4
o Even with Cheap Gas, an Electric Car Makes Sense (even in San Diego)
o Dealers Remain Obstacle to Growth in Electric Vehicle Market
o Swatch Announces Bold Move Into EV Batteries http://buff.ly/1XMFfIv
o Three plans for Nikola Tesla museums emerge http://buff.ly/1SGjSC4
o Lithium air battery makes breakthrough with graphene electrode
o Local Motors wants to use old electric cars to make new ones
o Nissan Electric Car With Range Extender In The Plans
o DOE wants to lower prices of e-trikes http://buff.ly/1NA2cbb
o Full text of Elon Musk's Paris COP21 speech http://buff.ly/1lFhgJS
o Tell Congress To Keep Fossil Fuels In The Ground! http://buff.ly/1llsfZj
o Drivin' on Sunshine - Save Money By Combining EV & Home Solar
o EV Driving Keeps Getting Greener: 100% of New US Energy In October was
Renewable  http://buff.ly/1PIUv4U
o Bill Gates is Wrong About Electric Vehicles http://buff.ly/1SEUzAf
o Formula E announces new race series for driverless electric cars
o IEEE addresses need for better DC Fast Charging standards
o EV batteries "with brains" allow for individual cell replacement
o Volvo reveals advanced plugin S90 http://buff.ly/1XIdbG4
o “I also successfully fought back against Republican efforts to impose new
fees on electric vehicles” http://buff.ly/21DbgSS
o Out-Of-Town Trip In The Nissan LEAF — No Problem http://buff.ly/1OLc29g
o Porsche's Tesla-fighting Mission E concept car gets green light for
production http://buff.ly/1XGeRjp
o The Electric Car Industry Is Going to Make You Love Them
o Elon Musk: Climate change could cause 'more destruction than all the wars
in history combined' http://buff.ly/1XGempC
o Bill Gates is Wrong About Electric Vehicles http://buff.ly/1TGMZWw
o Elon Musk: A Carbon Tax Is the Only Way to End World's Dependence on
Fossil Fuels http://buff.ly/1HJsgQM
o Elon Musk Is Probably Our Best Hope Yet For Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels
o Hyundai’s Electric Foray —  Sonata Plug-In Hybrid — Arriving This Week!
o Tesla's Elon Musk says transition from fossil fuels inevitable
o Lighting Up the World With a One-of-a-Kind Tesla http://buff.ly/1LPOY4B
o Making it happen: a network of fast charging stations for electric cars

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