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Christopher Holmquist holmquistchristopher30 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 18:49:17 PST 2015

Some ideas and stuff I wanted to bring up with you guys. I was hoping that
we could talk about it at our next meeting. As you can tell my major
concern right now is the new Electric Avenue. PGE, like many other car
manufacturers, we're likely thinking incorrectly that it wouldn't get used
very much because everybody chargers their car at home right?  That's a
whole nother soap opera of my own. There are people that lived in apartment
complexes. It seems as if they're not thinking about us. I use these
chargers twice a day and I know for a fact these get used constantly with a
spot hardly ever available.  Even Eco Cab uses them for their cars.  I'm
under the assumption that they had no idea that they'd get used this hard.
As a result, these chargers are having problems or are even breaking down
completely. There are three charges down altogether. Two fast chargers and
one level 2.  If you go to the plugshare page of Electric Avenue you'll
find out that they just don't work.  I'm not the only one with this
problem.  I've seen a number of your own members have difficulty too.  Can
we discuss in length at our next meeting or something?  Can we form an
advisory or action committee or something?  Is there anything we can do?
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