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*Headlines ==================================================*
o Official: Global CHAdeMO DC Quick Charging Stations Top 10,150 Units
o Tesla Model S Crossed 100,000 Sales Milestone http://buff.ly/1m5Wy67

*Northwest EV News ==========================================*
o Petition For Better EV Incentives In Oregon http://buff.ly/1OgTOQ7
o West Coast mayors envision electric highway as cities tackle climate
change http://buff.ly/1OaJabC
o Oregon preps to curb pollution, here’s how the oil industry will fight it
o Electric vehicles hold billion-dollar savings potential for Oregon
o A price on carbon could be Oregon's new 'Bottle Bill'
o The NW Will Meet Energy Needs Without New Power Plants
o 230-miles of pipeline proposed across 5 Oregon watersheds to export
fracked gas http://buff.ly/1lOdTB0
o Transportation Package: Oregon's Leaders Agree On Need, Not Timing
(audio) http://buff.ly/1m688ht
o Washington regulator unaware of oil train consultant's connections
o $2,500 Federal Tax Credit For Electric Motorcycles Is Back!

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o What's Oregon's Role In The Post-Paris Effort To Reduce Carbon? (audio)
o Good To See: Mainstream Media Covering Charging Basics (video)
o Tesla Model X and Tesla Roadster size comparison via SEVA
o Faraday Future: What if? - YouTube http://buff.ly/1myXhgC
o Zarooq Sand Racer EV is meant to play in the desert (Images)
o Carlos Ghosn Interviewed by Thomas Friedman At The Energy For Tomorrow
Conference http://buff.ly/1RBTeN8
o Jay Leno's Garage: Inside Episode 8 "The Cars of Tomorrow"
o Meet the 26-Year-Old Hacker Who Built a Self-Driving Car - YouTube
o Elon Musk talks Carbon tax, Mars & Energy at AGU - Youtube
o 20 Years Of Electric Car History In Norway - Video http://buff.ly/1RxVzIY
o Humans Are Slamming Into Driverless Cars and Exposing a Key Flaw (video)
o ThunderStruck Motors TSM2500 Intro - YouTube http://buff.ly/1O7ZR30
o Rinspeed Etos Is a Self-driving BMW i8 with Its Own Drone [video]

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o Myth-Busting: EVs and "Unclean" Electricity http://buff.ly/1OLqOdu
o OPEC bashes prospects for electric cars  http://buff.ly/1V8zIqz
o EV driving continues to get greener: Wind Power Continues Steady Growth
Across The U.S. http://buff.ly/1OLmTNZ
o Man, 67, dies after car collides with dump truck in Winnipeg (video)
o Final Transportation Bill: Electric-Car Fans Get Reasons To Rejoice
o General Motors Files Trademark Applications For ‘Corvette E-Ray’, ‘E-Ray’
o Google & Ford to Partner on Autonomous Cars http://buff.ly/1RFpqPY
o BMW & Nissan Join Forces To Build Multi-Standard DC Quick Charge for
Electric Cars in U.S. http://buff.ly/1YxgF9J
o As Rdio Closes Its Doors, Tesla Adds Free Premium Spotify Membership To
All Model S, Model … http://buff.ly/1RCo4Fz
o Green Car Reports 2016 Best Car To Buy Nominee: 2016 Hyundai Sonata
Hybrid And Plug-In Hybr… http://buff.ly/1O5t2rR
o Investing in Electric-Vehicle Chargers for the Workplace Is a No-Brainer
o How Better Battery Storage Will Expedite Renewable Energy
o Meet the New Queen of the Electric Car Biz http://buff.ly/1O42w2g
o Believing in the EV: Why should you drive electric? http://buff.ly/1RzhqzH

o Mitsubishi i-MiEV Production Coming to an End http://buff.ly/1RzfsQ1
o Nissan Teams With Eaton On Second-Life Battery System
o Greener Mobility Through Innovative Solar Solutions http://buff.ly/1QCSxDf

o Battery-powered Heated Steering Wheel Cover http://buff.ly/1PeyIie
o CNN Crowns Tesla Model X The New King Of Crossover SUVs
o Holding the Fossil Fuel Industry Accountable: What We’ve Done and Must Do
in the Wake of Paris http://buff.ly/1Qzk8FE
o VW to Introduce All-Electric, Long-Range Camper Van http://buff.ly/1O1nPS2

o ARPA-E Awards $3 Million To New Solid-State Sodium Battery Development
Project http://buff.ly/1QyA3E3
o Leaf Spy--an Essential Tool for Serious Nissan Leaf Drivers
o An Electric Cargo Bike Could Be Your Next Family Vehicle
o Electric motorcycle startup backed by Tesla founders delivers its first
bike to customers: … http://buff.ly/1PdDqgo
o Software Upgradable Cars Launch Platform Race: Tesla leads
o Why Electric Vehicles Will Change How We Think About Electricity
o Should Tesla Be Worried about Porsche's Electric Mission E Car?
o Despite hype, Nissan Leaf outsells Tesla Model S 2-to-1
o Nissan to offer range-extended EV in 2016? http://buff.ly/1QvAkHU
o 3D printed electric car shares its battery with its home
o Cut global emissions by cutting fossil-fuel subsidies
o Hedge Fund Manager Chanos: Pump Oil Now Because EVs Are Coming
o Green Car Reports 2016 Best Car To Buy Nominee: 2016 Chevrolet Volt
o Ignore VW Diesels, Make Company Sell Electric Cars says Elon Musk &
Others http://buff.ly/1NY4v8e
o Why battery storage is 'just about ready to take off'
o Fields: Why electrified  models are  a good bet http://buff.ly/1Jdog6f
o Boosting EVs with cloud power http://buff.ly/1RTpSt3
o Top 10 States Offering Incentives for Fuel Efficient Vehicles
o Millennials Don't Care About Owning Cars, And Car Makers Can't Figure Out
Why http://buff.ly/1RToAOF
o All those EV startups you keep hearing about are nowhere near challenging
Tesla http://buff.ly/1NqMwWg
o Ex-Cisco Executive Padmasree Warrior Joins Electric-Car Startup
o The World Needs a Carbon Tax, Elon Musk Says http://buff.ly/1P9Bzec
o BMW i Receives 'Momentum for Change' Award from the United Nations
o Diesels Doomed? Delhi Deals Death Blow In Wake Of Dieselgate
o Electric Superbike creates a buzz http://buff.ly/1P98Eak
o BMW Accelerates Plug-In Electric Car Development http://buff.ly/1O9arx2
o Nissan wants you to use its Leaf EV like a Tesla Powerwall
o Reasons Behind Electric Car Adoption In US Cities (10 Charts)
o No Longer Just A Toy: Regulators Say Drone Operators Are Pilots
o How Bad Was Nissan Dealer When Buyer Wanted A Leaf Electric Car? THAT Bad
o Tesla: The Early Years to Today—and Tomorrow http://buff.ly/1QLei2g
o Volvo’s new S90 sedan will offer plug-in hybrid version
o Lifting crude oil export ban fails the ‘farmer test’
o Person of the Year: Elon Musk http://buff.ly/1RQMOsQ

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