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Karl Boekelheide Karl at boekelheide.com
Sat Dec 26 10:06:09 PST 2015


I think you may have a couple apps intertwingled.  Leaf Link is an app that runs on iPhone and will talk to your Leaf through the same channels that the Nissan app does.  But it does it better and cleaner in my opinion.  I use both.  LeafLink on my wife’s phone when we’re out and about and I use the Nissan thingy from my computer.  Nothing is needed for your car for either of these to work other than being in cell range of whatever tower Nissan uses.  

The reason these links are important to me is it is the only, and I mean only, way to turn on the heater when you are charging.  I have called Nissan several times and talked with many folks.  There is no way to get the heater element on other than this path.

LeafSpy is an app that gives you oodles of interesting information about the Leaf.  It has a few oddities and errors but it’s at least consistent.  This app only runs on Android devices and talks to the car's ODB-II bus via bluetooth.  The little gizmo you have listed will let you access the ODB-II bus via bluetooth and it, or something like it, is necessary.  It plugs into the ODB-II access port under the steering wheel.  I leave mine in all the time.  It’s load on the 12v battery is minute and not worth worrying about IMHO.  There are all sorts of other computers in the car that take far power and are on all the time.

There is a minor irritation if you leave the Android device on when the car is off and not charging.  A relay in the car will click on and off all the time.  I haven’t found anyone who knows what it’s doing or why.  It will stop if you open the door but will start back up later.  If you leave the Android device on all the time it will also run it’s own battery down within a few hours because communicating with the bluetooth takes a bit of power.  My recommendation is to stop LeafSpy on the Android, or take it with you, when you leave the car unless you are quick charging.  In that case it doesn’t make the relay click and there is useful information about the charge rate to be had.


On Dec 26, 2015, at 9:31 AM, Judith Huck <judith.huck at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hello my OEVA friends,
> ☃Happy Holidays 
> I would like to use the Leaf Link Pro app and believe the item below is the hardware needed for the car, to make it work. 
> I'm using an iPhone 6. Some info I've found about Leaf Link says with Apple products I have to use Wifi instead of Bluetooth. 
> So will the item below work ok with my iPhone?
> Using Wifi uses more 12v battery as it doesn't turn off automatically. Is that a problem?
> Your guidance would be greatly appreciated. 
> CHEERLINK® KONNWEI KW902 Mini Bluetooth Wireless OBD-II Car Auto Diagnostic Scan Tools - Android ONLY (GREEN) $13.99 on Amazon
> Thank you,
> Judith
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