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*Headlines ==================================================*
o How an Oregon group is promoting social equity through Electric Vehicles
o Top question of 2015: When Will We Start To See 'Tailpipes' On Cars As
Morally Wrong? http://buff.ly/1OPgykp

*Northwest EV News ==========================================*
o “Every electric vehicle purchased in Oregon offers $350 to $2,000 annually
    in economic activity for the state” http://buff.ly/1PvUHBp
o Petition For Better EV Incentives In Oregon http://buff.ly/1mMP7l1

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Pack a snow shovel in your charging kit (Snoqualmie Pass)
o No Exhaust in Oregon https://goo.gl/ps3IEn
o No Fumz in Oregon https://goo.gl/xsgvrO
o GAS LOL Oregon plate https://goo.gl/TMPt0y
o Oregon Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan Review - YouTube http://buff.ly/1YEorOR

o Crazy Hungarians find out what a Tesla Model S can do in 3 seconds -
YouTube http://buff.ly/1JFRvPi
o Reinventing Fire: Transportation - YouTube http://buff.ly/1Pt6MHu
o Reinvent Fire: Change Energy Use Forever - YouTube http://buff.ly/1QSHSEM
o Converting Commercial Vehicles To Plug-Ins, A No-Brainer (video)
o The perfect get-away car - vimeo http://buff.ly/1MCkBio
o Nissan Leaf vs "Sports Car" (video) http://buff.ly/1IwvLdP
o DIY Go Kart Powered by Drill Motor - YouTube http://buff.ly/1Om0FBz
o Elon Musk talks Democracy and Anarchy with German Minister of Economy &
Energy - YouTube http://buff.ly/1YCOz1T
o What fits in the frunk of a Tesla Model S? - YouTube
o Nissan Discusses The Future Of Electric Motoring - Video
o Holiday Volt via Sid Kramer https://goo.gl/3CCZ5t
o When Electric-Car Drivers Learn How Gas Cars Work (video)

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o The 2016 car forecast: electric, with a dash of speed
o Bentley’s all-electric concept is a stunner http://buff.ly/1JHT3Zd
o Ford concept turns your car wheel into an electric unicycle
o Solar Investment Tax Credit Extension Could Help With EV Adoption
o 2016 Nissan Leaf: First Drive Of 107-Mile Electric Car
o There is a downside to cheap oil. Really. http://buff.ly/1NP3xtr
o 2016 Chevy Volt Crowned Green Car Of The Year http://buff.ly/1RQbh2u
o U.S. Launch Of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Delayed Again
o Consumer Reports: Best Cars of 2015 http://buff.ly/1YOEl9r
o There are now more than 10,000 CHAdeMO charging stations in the world
o BMW i Project Awarded Recognition from the United Nations
o Rotate A Tire, Save A Dollar http://buff.ly/1YKFhvB
o Musk Says Tesla Vehicles Will Be Self-Driving In Two Years
o If All New Cars Were Required By Law To Be Electric Today,
   It Would Take 18 Years For 50% Penetration http://buff.ly/1IwpheN
o “to cleanse our Valley air, we must get belching old cars off the streets
   add electric cars & plug-in hybrids” http://buff.ly/1OsUUZ5
o Tesla is finally ramping up Model X production http://buff.ly/1mGgOvC
o OPEC faces a mortal threat from electric cars http://buff.ly/1JAPqEc
o Tesla has literally flipped disruption theory on its head
o DC Comics Fight Gotham Trademarks For Shirts And Electric Cars
o Millions of students attend schools in potential oil trains disaster
zones http://buff.ly/1Osffh3
o At 177.7 MPG (Combined Unadjusted) BMW i3 Is Over 5 Times
   More Efficient Than Comparable Gas Car http://buff.ly/1OQahVG
o 2017 Chevrolet Volt Details Emerge: More Features, Same Price
o Chevrolet Offers To Bring Volt To You For Test Drive
o BMW i Wins “Momentum For Change” Award http://buff.ly/1RJxKOH
o Tesla's Secret Master Plan (For Those Just Joining The Party)
o 2016 Chevrolet Volt Driven 111.9 Electric Miles On Single Charge
o Climate-xchange Raffling a Tesla Model S or X - only 2000 tickets sold
o Most Appreciated and Innovative CEO of 2015: Tesla Motor’s Elon Musk

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