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*Headlines ==================================================*
o BMW i8 Brings a new Kind of Electric to Portland http://buff.ly/1CThL7T

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================*
o Oregon Road User Fee Task Force meeting, Feb. 5 http://buff.ly/1LBWZgZ
o DEQ Portland Air Toxics Solution project, Feb 18 http://buff.ly/1LoWyGJ
o Starting April 9th, Uber pick ups will available be in Portland
o Green Transportation Summit & Expo, April 21-22 http://buff.ly/1sF7EMp
o Earth Day PDX, April 26 http://buff.ly/16cfJ6M
o EV Roadmap 8, July 29 http://buff.ly/1wbY9Et
o 2015 National Drive Electric Week: September 12-20 http://buff.ly/1teb4v0

*Northwest EV News ==========================================*
o Oregon biofuel plant moves ahead http://buff.ly/16tMn3Y
o Will Brammo Race in 2015? http://buff.ly/1AhFY8D
o GO Solar in the Columbia River Gorge http://buff.ly/1DmDP8Q
o How Oregon Can Fill Up On Clean Fuels - Union of Concerned Scientists
o Coalition seeks ban coal in Oregon http://buff.ly/1ziQFoj
o How cleaner fuels will benefit all Oregonians http://buff.ly/1A3UL6F
o Brammo's busy month: A $12.5M raised http://buff.ly/1wCBUIB
o In 42 of the 50 biggest U.S. cities, rooftop solar is now cheaper than
the grid http://buff.ly/1v6dNrM
o The Polaris Slingshot will be at the Portland Auto Show in the Motorcycle
Pavilion February 5-8th
o Oregon legislators signal showdown over transportation funding

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Leilani Münter is driving on sunshine - YouTube http://buff.ly/1CtmYoa
o BMW i3 – "Newfangled Idea" Outtakes - YouTube http://buff.ly/1LBq8ZV
o Tesla Gigafactory under construction - YouTube http://buff.ly/1LBm4sG
o How a Kia Soul EV is made - YouTube http://buff.ly/1CmGnav
o GM Unveils First TV Ad for New 2016 Chevrolet Volt Extended-Range
Electric Car http://buff.ly/1LvyLFg
o 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf | Versatility - YouTube http://buff.ly/1zHbgpB
o Recharge your car, Recharge your dog, Recharge your life. Kia Soul EV -
Video http://buff.ly/1DnPQvb
o Chip Yates World Record Junkie and Electric Motorcycle Pioneer! - YouTube
o This is Tesla’s first battery swap station (photos) http://buff.ly/1wJdOM7

o Tesla Model X Spy Footage - YouTube http://buff.ly/162CaLK
o 2011 Nissan LEAF for $15,985 - YouTube http://buff.ly/1zidoAN
o Miss the smell of gas? Volkswagen's new "Mémoire de Pétrole" fragrance
has EV drivers covered - Video http://buff.ly/1yR9EaG  #LOL
o Reverse Engineering The BMW i3 - Forbes video http://buff.ly/15WFrLE
o The New Oregon Electric Station Restaurant - YouTube

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o BMW Patches Connected Car Security Hole http://buff.ly/1z8ij3W
o Noise Makers for Electric Cars: Won't Be Law in the U.S. Until 2018
o Unofficial Tesla App for Apple Watch is Eye Candy for Tech-Obsessed Tesla
Owners http://buff.ly/16eeByx
o White House Budget Asks For $10K Electric-Car Credit
o Polaris profits jump 25%; firm expects slower 2015 http://buff.ly/1CrbMbE
o Xtreme Green EVs For Police, Security, Military, Farming, & Mining
Industries http://buff.ly/1CR69Cd
o BMW i3 Super Bowl Ad Bumps Interest Ten Fold http://buff.ly/1wU20qD
o Imagine Charging Tesla Model S in Just 5 Minutes http://buff.ly/162JQgr
o Low Gas Prices Make Hybrid Sales Drop, While Electric Car Sales Rise
o Alexandra Paul talks about her Chevy Volt, EV activism, & more in Vegan
Health and Fitness http://buff.ly/1LBiLSh
o Consumer Reports: Tesla #1 In Service/Repair - Beats Independent Shops &
Dealership http://buff.ly/1DtU0Sn
o Lightning motorcycle claims to have the world's fastest production
motorcycle http://buff.ly/1CmHVBe
o Killing the Oil Industry in America: Low gas prices are not an attack on
EVs, but a squabble between gas factions http://buff.ly/16801sw
o NRG eVgo Announces Fast Charger Expansion Plans For U.S.
o Porsche exec says if govnmnts are serious about pollution & offers
adequate incentives, PEVs'll have 50% market share http://buff.ly/1zIlLco
o Sales of Electric Trucks and Buses Are Expected to Reach Nearly 160,000
Annually by 2023 http://buff.ly/1LsLskj
o The days of cheap oil are over - EROI For ICE vs EV http://buff.ly/1CkivEu

o Spyker out of bankruptcy w/ plans for high performance electric aircraft
& electric supercar http://buff.ly/160MPGJ
o Sheriff's Office Reports Deadly Accident: Chevy Blazer Collides Head-On
With Nissan LEAF http://buff.ly/1zFoAe4
o GenZe 2.0 could be the Vespa of electric scooters http://buff.ly/1DjcPYi
o Nissan LEAF wins Best All-Around Performance Award from ASG
o Toyota Exec Slams Tesla For Having 'All Eggs In One Basket'
o 2016 Chevrolet Volt TV Ad Released 6 Months Before Car
o Tesla Model S P85D Firmware Update To Drop 0-60 MPH Time To 2.8 Seconds
o NRG eVgo charging network experiencing rapid growth & big plans
o BYD Electric Bus has 190 Miles Range at Highway Speeds
o Second Life Batteries Alliance Gives EV Batteries A Retirement Plan
o More Data Shows That Low Gas Prices Don't Hurt Electric-Car Sales
o Meet Pam Fletcher, propulsion system chief engineer on the first
Chevrolet Volt http://buff.ly/1v2b42p
o Considering An Electric Car? Now's The Time To Buy One
o Citi: Battery storage to hasten demise of fossil fuels
o Solar Will Soon Take On Base Load Fossil Fuels, Says Saudi Power CEO
o World's fastest electric surfboard http://buff.ly/1K0xr9N
o Mitsubishi Teases PHEV Crossover Concept For Geneva Motor Show

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