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*Headlines ==================================================*
o Oregon Electric Byways: Now your Oregon travel dreams are all within

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================*
o Closing the Loop - Recycling & Reusing EV Batteries, Feb 18
o DEQ Portland Air Toxics Solution project, Feb 18 http://buff.ly/1LoWyGJ
o Starting April 9th, Uber pick ups will available be in Portland
o Green Transportation Summit & Expo, April 21-22 http://buff.ly/1sF7EMp
o Earth Day PDX, April 26 http://buff.ly/16cfJ6M
o EV Roadmap 8, July 29 http://buff.ly/1wbY9Et
o 2015 National Drive Electric Week: September 12-20 http://buff.ly/1teb4v0

*Northwest EV News ==========================================*
o $12,990 for a 2011 Nissan Leaf SL Zero Emission Electric - Portland used
car for sale http://buff.ly/1KG2VnW
o A Portland with no traffic deaths and good streets? Plan sets slow path
forward http://buff.ly/1z51fwM
o Eugene Council says @Uber must follow traditional taxi rules
o Canadian Company Wants to Run Liquid Natural Gas Pipeline Through Miles
of Delicate Oregon Ecosystems http://buff.ly/174OATN
o Portland's New Pipes Harvest Power From Drinking Water
o Oregon's Low-carbon Bill Sent to Senate Floor in Party-line Vote
o Is There a Future for Brammo's Electric Drivetrain Business?
o Hey Oregon, let's make 2015 the year we transition from coal to clean
energy http://buff.ly/1zh644Z
o What happened when a half-blind reporter 'test drove' an EV in Portland
o Why a $17B Indian behemoth expanded its EV scooter business to Portland
o Electricity From Coal Could Be Banned In Oregon http://buff.ly/1zTn34r
o Polaris Trademarks Electric Victory Charger http://buff.ly/1Ke7vtr
o Tailpipe pollution is the leading source of climate-change pollution in
Oregon http://buff.ly/1z9VFIv
o 5 Reasons for Big Rigs to Plug In instead of Idle http://buff.ly/1DwrFdM

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Kia Soul EV at the Portland Auto Show via Subcompact Culture
o Oregon & Wash State Ask: Do Electric Cars Still Support From Taxpayers? -
audio http://buff.ly/16wCGBm
o Nissan Asks Drivers to Break Up With Petrol in Valentine's Day Ad
Campagin http://buff.ly/1z507JF
o Modified BMW i3 By 3D Design And Studie Japan http://buff.ly/1COnQnG
o Kia Soul EV - NYT Video - YouTube http://buff.ly/1zAe5ad
o video: Tesla Apple Watch app - YouTube http://buff.ly/190bhZT
o Elon Musk Discusses Electric Cars, Rock Bottom Oil Prices & More -
YouTube http://buff.ly/1A2bwQh
o Plug-in Hybrids Stake Their Claim in 2015 – Consumer Reports
o EV Art - Nissan Leaf gets a custom paint job - YouTube
o Navigating the 2015 Portland Auto Show: Top 5 standout cars (video)
o 2015 Chevy Volt Earns Top Safety Pick ? video http://buff.ly/1KwipZH
o Most Fuel Efficient Cars - Consumer Reports Video http://buff.ly/1zlJH31
o Nissan Leaf Motor Unit Disassembly - YouTube http://buff.ly/1zAQswV

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o Global Sale Of Electric & Hybrids To Triple To $178.9 Billion In 2024
o Mercedes-Benz Now Accepting Orders For C350 Plug-In Hybrid
o Orange EV Terminal Trucks Now Approved For On-Road Use
o VW To Spend $10 Million On Electric-Car Charging Sites, Asks Governments
To Step Up Too http://buff.ly/1z4X4B6
o Automotive Science Group Declares Nissan LEAF Best All Around Performer
In Midsize Segment http://buff.ly/16Iprgt
o EV Industry Experiencing a Boom with Next-Generation Vehicles, Market
Expanding at 11.1% CAGR http://buff.ly/1IGrYcY
o Plug-in Kit-car Street Racer Hits $100,000 Crowdfunding Target
o 'Apple Electric Car' isn't what you think it is http://buff.ly/1DcCMKZ
o The 4 Biggest Arguments Against Electric Cars -- and Why They're
Completely Wrong http://buff.ly/1DcD6cA
o Look Who's Back! 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV Arrives For US In March
o Smith Electric Vehicles Restarts Production http://buff.ly/1Fn0qDY
o Study Says EV Chargers More Effective Than Tax Credits
o Ioxus launches new family of ultracaps for easy installation in
automotive applications http://buff.ly/1xNnW7k
o EV University http://buff.ly/1A19Czf
o Would You Drive A Foam Car? The Spira4u EV http://buff.ly/1DQHtby
o Electric Vehicle Charging Hangers | eBay http://buff.ly/1EPsfHv
o Wrightspeed Extended-Range Electric Garbage Truck Ready To Clean Up Our
Streets http://buff.ly/1KzTLqZ
o Navigant forecasts 29.3% CAGR growth for electric-drive and
electric-assisted commercial vehicles http://buff.ly/1DLcg9v
o Tesla Model S is January’s Best-Selling All-Electric Vehicle
o Every year EVs get greener to drive : Wind and solar energy have tripled
since 2008 http://buff.ly/16Bl72Q
o Nissan LEAF receives 2014 IHS Automotive Loyalty Award
o Breaking: 2017 Chevrolet Bolt 200-Mile Electric Car To Start Production
In Oct 2016 http://buff.ly/1EN4vE5
o Bills to Advance Electric Vehicles Make Good Economic and Environmental
Sense http://buff.ly/1yOwPie
o US Electric Car Sales Increase 9% In January 2015 http://buff.ly/1EKihY5
o Chevy Volt Makes West Coast Debut in Portland http://buff.ly/1EKfhLg
o 2015 Kia Soul EV is a smooth drive that won't overcharge your electric
bill http://buff.ly/1KtUbPJ
o Model S fan builds database of battery degradation data
o What Motivates People to Save Energy? Surprise—It’s Not Money
o Duluth Transit Authority Will Purchase Six Proterra Electric Buses and a
Fast-Charge Station http://buff.ly/1HYrrmm
o The man who brought us the lithium-ion battery at the age of 57 has an
idea for a new one at 92 http://buff.ly/1ENvzTx

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