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Its great to see this Solectria Force stay in Oregon. 
There was not any options when first sold it. So I put the same  batteries
it came with back in.
Now the CALB cells are a huge improvement. A lot of
Solectria drivers had done this CALB LiFePO4  upgrade on the Solectria  
Right now I have some CALB cells in both 60AH and 100AH.
These are actually tested cells that will have a very low failure
The loss of weight makes the Solectria perform like an ICE.
With the 100AH cells you would have 80 miles of real world
range. With the Leaf I was never able to exceed 65 miles at
65 miles an hour just for comparison. If you slowed down it did
 better but then you have trucks passing you on the freeway. 
Not a put down on the Leaf its a great car and I would one to 
anyone as long as the range works for you.
Not a lot of EV builders on this list but I also have Orion BMS
and Elcon chargers at cost. I am just passing them on to others
to help them afford a better EV.
The tested CALB cells are 1.20 per amp hour and that includes
shipping costs. You will not find them anywhere for that price. When 
these are gone I most likely I will not be doing another group buy  very
soon. I just don't have the time it takes to do them and I have a lot
of projects I need to finish up on.
Don Blazer
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Joyce's Selectria "Evee " is coming back  to Portland. If all goes as
planed, Evee  will be here tomorrow.   I'm rather excited. I've wanted
an electric car for about seven years now.  At that time I couldn't
afford one so I started of with an electric assist  bicycle (trike).
About four year or so ago, I purchased a Nevco Gizmo. Took  my time
rebuilding the drive train with a larger motor, new motor  controller
and a pack of CALB cells from Don Blazer. Now I'm a soon to  be
electric car owner. Finally, I can drive to work warm and dry.  Another
bonus is that Evee seats four whereas the Gizmo has single seat.  Now
my wife can share in the fun of an electric  vehicle.

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