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*Headlines ==================================================*
o Oregon Clean Fuels Bill (SB 324) Passed! http://goo.gl/xPHjAQ

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================*
o Closing the Loop - Recycling & Reusing EV Batteries, Feb 18
o DEQ Portland Air Toxics Solution project, Feb 18 http://buff.ly/1LoWyGJ
o Economics of Happiness, Feb 27 http://buff.ly/17OW0uK
o Starting April 9th, Uber pick ups will available be in Portland
o Green Transportation Summit & Expo, April 21-22 http://buff.ly/1sF7EMp
o Earth Day PDX, April 26 http://buff.ly/16cfJ6M
o EV Roadmap 8, July 29 http://buff.ly/1wbY9Et
o 2015 National Drive Electric Week: September 12-20 http://buff.ly/1teb4v0

*Northwest EV News ==========================================*
o How Oregon Can Fill Up On Clean Fuels http://buff.ly/1CFixSy
o Get ready to hail a Tesla taxi in Portland http://buff.ly/1DmFT4I
o Oregon DOE offers $2.5million in tax credits for Renewable Thermal Energy
projects http://buff.ly/1A17TrV
o Idling costs $5.9 billion per year http://buff.ly/17cp2n4
o Vancouver: A Winter Leaf Odyssey http://buff.ly/17bvVVU
o EPA Wants Assurances Natural Gas Project Won't Harm Oregon
o RECALL: Brammo Recalls Certain Empulse Motorcycles http://buff.ly/1Asi618
o Anti-Idling & Cold Weather products at Trucking Annual Meeting
o Big Trainloads Of Tar Sands Crude Now Rolling Through NW
o Oregon Golf resort lands on green with Tesla charging stations

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o GenZe eBike now available in Portland at 6907 NE 79th Court - YouTube
o Adorable, Helpful Fossil Fuels Are Your Loving Girlfriend--Don't Betray
Her: Video http://buff.ly/1L3v5r8
o Animation of 2nd generation Chevy Volt powertrain and battery - YouTube
o A BMW i8 in Portland http://goo.gl/dZq67l
o Battery Power Passenger Train Trial Now Underway In UK - Video
o Keystone XL Pipeline Would Transport 'Dirty Energy' : NPR audio
o Puget Sound Energy Offers $500 EVSE Rebate - Video http://buff.ly/1B0x8MA
o Nissan made a Leaf that glows in the dark - video http://buff.ly/1DlPC9C
o OEVA member Myles Twete and his e-boat, 'The Reach of Tide'

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o Used Nissan LEAFs Becoming Extremely Common At Dealers?
o EV Tax Credits Benefit Local Economies http://buff.ly/1EKALnS
o Elon Musk: Tesla won't go 'super crazy' with Model ? initial design
o Breaking: West Virginia Town Evacuated Due to Bakken Crude Oil Train
Derailment Fire http://buff.ly/1CCCdXd
o Mitsubishi Sets April 2016 for US Launch Date of Outlander PHEV, Sets Low
Sales Expectation http://buff.ly/1vPKUR0
o Advances In Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Offer Promise For Electric Cars
o Kia Soul EV Demand "Stronger Than Expected" http://buff.ly/1FgAP2d
o Press Congress to increase the gasoline tax http://buff.ly/1L39tgw
o Tesla Gigafactory To Start Early, Reports Tesla Official
o Japan Has More Car Chargers Than Gas Stations http://buff.ly/1zYhWhv
o Apple Is Working On Secret "Titan" Van-Like EV With Ex-Tesla Engineers
o GM Not Interested In Tesla's Open Patents http://buff.ly/1Dwr7Xq
o Tesla Roadster 3.0: Prototype Goes On 340 Mile Trip, Still Has Miles To
Spare  http://buff.ly/1zDX9uD
o Can anyone succeed Carlos Ghosn? - Fortune http://buff.ly/1D5bDei
o Tesla expects to sell 70% more EVs in 2015, will unveil the 'Tesla home
battery' soon http://buff.ly/1J5f0FU
o And The Luddite Award Goes To... The 4 States That Blocked Tesla Direct
Sales http://buff.ly/1zxfNo7
o Why Electric Vehicles Matter in Georgia (and your state too!)
o 4 Electric Cars from General Motors: Start Your Engines!
o Hyperloop Is Real: Meet The Startups Selling Supersonic Travel - Forbes
o Pump, The Movie on Amazon Streaming http://buff.ly/1FztOH9
o BMW i5/i7 Plug-In Hybrid Coming In 2018 http://buff.ly/1z8mfTx
o Bank Of America Offers $3,000 Incentive For US & UK Employees To Go
Electric http://buff.ly/1z8lREk
o The greenest cars: Electrics rule http://buff.ly/1FvN0FH
o EV "fueling" takes less time out of your life than Gas fueling or Fuel
Cell fill-ups http://buff.ly/1zTRLan
o Abandoning Diesel: Battery-powered train brings low-carbon commuting to
UK http://dlvr.it/8VKDtL

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