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Karl Boekelheide Karl at boekelheide.com
Mon Feb 23 08:56:32 PST 2015

Here’s a referral program from OpConnect.  If you have a location where you’d like to see a charging station they’d like to know about it.


Help Save The World and Earn Cash, Too! OpConnect’s New Location Referral Program

OpConnect needs your help in identifying locations for future OpConnect charging stations. Refer us to a potential location and we will send you $150 for every station we install there. If we install a DC fast charger from your a location referral, we will give you $300.

Numerous studies have shown a direct correlation with the addition of more publicly available charging stations resulting in increased EV adoption. We also know that the more EVs we can get on our roads, the cleaner our air will be as we help to avoid greenhouse gases. As an industry, we have helped to avoid millions and millions of CO2 emissions.

Why are we asking you? We are asking because you know your neighborhoods and communities better than us. We often are receiving emails and calls from OpConnect drivers with suggestions on where to install a station.

For example, we recently received this email from Jory, “I live in Portland, OR and work in downtown Vancouver, WA. When it arrives, I will be driving an EV to work.  I would like to be able to charge it at work, but there are very few publicly available charging stations in downtown Vancouver.”

Well, we thought wouldn’t it be great to get those kind of suggestions on a more regular basis. OpConnect would benefit as a business by increasing the number of stations installed; and our members would benefit from having an additional charging station located in a place where it was needed.

That last point should be emphasized. We have all heard of locations – often in some back lot or deep basement of a parking garage – where there is a bank of unused charging stations (hopefully, not OpConnect stations).   

We think our Location Finder Rewards program is a great way to make sure future EVSE locations make sense and are used often by EV drivers.

So, what are we looking for? Actually, it could be any place that you think would be a good fit and that would lead toward an actual installation. That could be a workplace setting, church parking lot, or shopping mall.

However, if we had to pass along some ideal specifications of future OpConnect sites, they would include places that have:

High foot and vehicle traffic area
Preferably within a densely populated area
Well visible location (no back, back lots)
Preferably destination-type locations: hospitals, shopping malls, movie theaters, casinos, grocery stores, amusement parks, office buildings, parking garages, chain restaurants, and other commercial establishments
OpConnect’s Location Finder Rewards program is open to everyone. If your location referral is approved by our business development team and leads to an EVSE installation in a new location, you will earn $150 for each Level 2 station installed, and $300 for each DC fast charger installed. And you get paid $150 for each EVSE installed at a location. So, if 20 OpConnect MKII stations were installed based on your referral, you would earn $3,000.

Have a location referral you want to share? You can do so by visiting our referral page or byemailing us at OpConnect. What we need to know are:

Your Name
Your Email
Location Name
Location Description
Contact Person (Full Name)*
Contact Person’s Email*
Location Address
Anything Else We Should Know
*We require a contact person and contact information for each location referral.


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