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*Headlines ==================================================*
o We are very saddened to hear that Portland Trail Blazers alumni & EV
   supporter, Jerome Kersey passed away recently

o Battery Powered Cars Assault Oregon State Capitol on Wed

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================*
o Economics of Happiness, Feb 27 http://buff.ly/17OW0uK
o Starting April 9th, Uber pick ups will available be in Portland
o Green Transportation Summit & Expo, April 21-22 http://buff.ly/1sF7EMp
o Earth Day PDX, April 26 http://buff.ly/16cfJ6M
o EV Roadmap 8, July 29 http://buff.ly/1wbY9Et
o 2015 National Drive Electric Week: September 12-20 http://buff.ly/1teb4v0

*Northwest EV News ===========================================*
o The Clean Fuels program held 4.5 hour of hearings. It was a great
success! https://instagram.com/p/zgmKyqoBeK/
o Oregon has no oil refineries. Clean Fuels make local jobs.
o Oregon’s test with mileage tax makes sense http://buff.ly/1AFalDr
o A tax or a cap? Debating the path to pricing carbon in Oregon
o Salem campaign shows that electric cars aren't just for Elon Musk anymore
(Photos) http://buff.ly/1BKUuXa
o How Big Rig Drivers Can Reduce Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
o OpConnect’s Charging Station Referral Program http://buff.ly/1EnSKD0
o Two Oregon cities in hunt for $5 million energy reduction prize
o Go Solar In Oregon http://buff.ly/1JxBr6J
o A new group is forming to promote & enhance Truck Stop Electrification
o Time to get the snow tires off - Portland forecast: Warm & sunny
o Oil train traffic dwindles along major Oregon route amid oil price slump
o New EV bills for Washington State http://buff.ly/17ApjA5
o ODOT picks name, rolls out road-use charge program http://buff.ly/1Amxt9M

o Senate passes contentious Clean Fuels measure, bill goes to Oregon House
o Gov. Kitzhaber is on his way out, but expect Oregon to keep being a green
leader http://buff.ly/1Bkk7xC
o Emerging Green Conference PDX Call for Presenters http://buff.ly/1APxBQJ

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o An Oregon Solar Powered Driving Story - YouTube http://buff.ly/1vUaqEA
o Apple Car Ad Leaked - Comedy - YouTube http://buff.ly/1wkCWiY
o INFOGRAPHIC: Understanding the Grid | US DoE http://buff.ly/1wgmGj7
o Washington State Plugs Huge Batteries Into Clean Power - NBC Video
o Tesla Model S gets a tail as part of Animakeover - YouTube
o Electric Terry Hershner on The Hog Radio http://buff.ly/1DLCsD6
o AltCars Keynote - 100% electric transportation & 100% solar by 2030 -
YouTube http://buff.ly/1AjvnIY
o Elon Musk: In The Future There Will Be No Gas Stations - Video
o Park Avenue West Tower final beam placed, Expect to see charging stations
in the parking lot when they open - YouTube http://buff.ly/1F4Apsf
o How It's Made Electric Motorcycles - YouTube http://buff.ly/1LjEa12
o Solar CEO Talks Transportation Electrification - TED YouTube
o VIDEO: The Pacific Northwest Can End the Free Lunch for Carbon Polluters
o LightDrive: A Tesla Model S fan ad - Vimeo http://buff.ly/1LdqDYV
o BMW i8 Versus Porsche 911 4S - 0 To 200 km/h Video http://buff.ly/1vV4bAz
o PGE Energy Partner - YouTube http://buff.ly/1La4UB4

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o Harley-Davidson's One Step Closer to Selling an Electric Motorcycle |
WIRED http://buff.ly/1GqtbjF
o Electric Cars Under Attack Ahead Of 2016 Presidential Campaigns
o Renewable energy(RE) powers EVs, old EV batteries help increase RE -
positive feedback loop http://buff.ly/1zBB94I
o Clean Cities Vehicle Buyer's Guide http://buff.ly/1LzUSJC
o EverCharge Delivers EV Charging Solutions For Apartment Dwellers
o Fed gov predicts oil-trains to derail 10 times per year, $4 billion in
damage & hundreds of deaths http://buff.ly/1wgP4l6
o Would you ever use an Exxon Mobil Charging Station? http://buff.ly/1DN7I6i

o Fisker To Be Renamed Elux, Higher Priced Karma Coming In 2016
o Amp Electric's Workhorse Wants To Be 'Tesla Of Trucks' For Electric
Delivery Vans http://buff.ly/1BH0Zu3
o Senator Calls For Investigation Into The Climate Change 'Denial-For-Hire
Scheme' http://huff.to/1BeOHcz
o BMW i8 Wait Times Extend To Over One Year http://buff.ly/1DHGbTL
o Traffic intersections are cesspools of air pollution, according to a
study http://buff.ly/19Z90Pe
o China's First Manned Electric Plane to be Mass Produced
o Gas price equivalent for electricity? 75 cents http://buff.ly/1vqarQ9
o Alternative ways to pay for highway repairs, construction
o Next Chrysler Minivan Will Be Plug In Hybrid http://buff.ly/1GfSGUS
o Revenue from EV Charging Services Expected to Reach $2.9 Billion Annually
o Workplace Charging For Electric Cars: Best Practices Revealed
o USA Today Gets it Wrong – Benefits of EVs Are Real http://buff.ly/1Fbok4E

o Ford Focus Electric With DC Fast Charging? http://buff.ly/1LrzAxX
o Frost & Sullivan Expects Over 480,000 EVs To Be Sold Worldwide In 2015
o 'Pirates of the Caribbean' director is making a comedy about driverless
cars http://buff.ly/17kSmrQ
o 6 reasons why cargo bikes are the next big thing http://buff.ly/1CUN12V
o Why the future of electric vehicles depends on utilities, and vice versa
o Seaspan Ferries Corporation to make hybrid ferries w/ lithium polymer
batteries http://buff.ly/19O71x8
o First Mixed Brand Electric Car Store Opens in Iceland
o Trains are carrying — and spilling — a record amount of oil
o Electric Cars To Cost Same As ICE Within A Decade http://buff.ly/1EZgWcE
o Four Oil-Related Spills Reported In North Dakota, In A Week Of Oil
Mishaps http://thkpr.gs/3624759
o Boosting renewable energy will improve our national security
o Happy Birthday Alessandro Volta: The Man Without Whom We Wouldn't Have
Modern Batteries http://buff.ly/1821y5d
o Sources claim that Porsche 717 EV will feature 4WD & 300-mile range
o All-electric Kia Soul EV is a quiet joy http://buff.ly/1DrsNTD
o Study says better EPA labels with emphasis on fueling cost would sell
more plug-in cars http://buff.ly/1G38o5y
o Happy 270th Birthday Alessandro Volta! http://buff.ly/1A77t3p
o Fuel Cell Manufacturers Struggle As Technology Remains Uncompetitive Long
Term http://buff.ly/1ySVOQz
o How Do You Measure the Emissions Locked in Fossil Fuel Reserves?
o Oil And Gas Companies Won't Have To Pay For Damage Caused To Louisiana's
Coast, Judge Rules http://buff.ly/1zlvuje

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