[Oeva-list] Mercedes B-class DC charging

Tim Beltz dipron06 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 08:53:03 PST 2015

I don't have an EV... yet!... but am a huge enthusiast. Someone related to someone I know bought a Mercedes B-Class electric recently. They were asking me questions since I talk about EVs a lot. I just don't know a lot of the details since I haven't owned one myself. Anyway, they said that the car shows it has the ability to charge at 400V but the connectors on 400V chargers don't match up to the connector on the car. I told them that 400V would be DC charging while the 120/240V is AC charging & they might need an adapter to do DC charging, but I am not positive on this. Mercedes website doesn't give details except that it will charge at 400V. Does anyone know if a b-class can be charged @ 400V and how to do it?

Thanks for any help!

- Timothy B

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