[Oeva-list] LRR or not?

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Wed Jul 8 22:49:00 PDT 2015

On 7/6/15 10:53 AM, Rick Durst wrote:
> I have been researching these myself.  I looked at Consumer reports which rated the Ecopia tires, Michelin Defender and Michelin Primacy as the best for low rolling resistance. So I decided on these.  

Partly based on this, but also availability, I went with the regular
Ecopia; here's the whole sad tale ;-)

Last week, I picked up a screw in the left front tire.  It was holding
air, but since the tread was down to nothing (at least on the edges -
classic underinflation syndrome), I figured it was time to replace them.
 It was holding air, so I thought I had a little time.

The Michelin Energy Saver seemed like the one to get, but *no one*
around here stocks them.  The holiday and work got in the way and I put
it off, but Sunday when I went to head to Albany, the low pressure
warning went off.  Since it had held off for nearly a week, I filled it
up and went on to Albany.  After just a few hours, when I went to head
back, the alarm went off again, and the tire was even lower than earlier
in the day.  Fortunately, the chevron by 20 in North Albany was near and
I aired up there.

Since the tread in the middle was servicable, I thought I could get away
with going to Les Schwab and getting the tire fixed Monday morning (and
the tire hadn't dropped much overnight - must have been parked wrong in
albany), but after an hour and a half wait, they said they couldn't fix
it for liability.  I went across the street and got a plug tire repair
kit, but checked around some more.  Costco in Albany had the Ecopia Plus
(for <$100/tire!) and the local Nissan had the regular Ecopia for $165,
but said they'd price match (Costco is also selling them for about $3
less than the Plus, both on sale for another week).

I decided they were good enough and since the car was low on charge, I'd
stay in town - I'd actually been happy with the OEM Ecopia performance
in the winter, and I'll try to be better about keeping them inflated,
and if the 30kWh packs are real, I'll be trading it off in 6 months
anyhow.  Costco was backed up because of the sale and the Nissan dealer
gave me a ride back to work so I didn't care how long it took...

Hopefully the price match won't be vapor (they wanted some cheesy print
out from the Costco, so I ended going over there Monday evening anyhow).
Their sheet specifically said that Costco counted...but I paid $640 up
front (they ended up only charging me $139/tire as it was).

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