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*Headlines ==================================================*
o Drive Oregon Gathers Key EV Industry Influencers in Portland
o 13 People Suspended From Portland Bridge To Block Shell Oil Vessel
o Where is Portland's New Electric Avenue 2.0? http://buff.ly/1GFzUUy

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================*
o EV Roadmap 8 Conference in Portland, July 29-30 http://buff.ly/1FQ75pp
o City Club of Portland discusses transportation funding & clean air in
Oregon, July 31 http://buff.ly/1D6e69S
o Kia Soul EV at Plug & Pinot Pop-Up, August 13th http://buff.ly/1ML6s4O
o EV Fest PDX 2015 at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Aug 15
o Tesla Motors Next Billion Miles Tour Coming To Oregon in Sept. RSVP
o 2015 National Drive Electric Week: September 12-20 http://buff.ly/1teb4v0
o CUB’s 5th Annual Policy Conference, October 23 http://buff.ly/1HoT2JZ

*Northwest EV News ===========================================*
o Golf Board http://buff.ly/1KzBoVn
o 2016 Empulse TT from Victory Motorcycles http://buff.ly/1D7fRn4
o Editorials from around Oregon http://buff.ly/1D75aAX
o Portland International Airport plans to install 24 level 1 charging
stations in the Economy lot soon
o Wave Power Could Supply Half the U.S. With Cheap Electricity—Here’s Why
It Doesn't http://buff.ly/1MS6FD7
o Portland, OR says Shell No! (with images & tweets) http://buff.ly/1IpJj8a
o Traveling The OReGO Trail - First Trip http://buff.ly/1SJMc5c
o Tesla is the Modern 4-Minute Mile http://buff.ly/1OssART
o Bend, Oregon's 2030 Transportation Survey Shows People Want Good Streets
& Multimodal Options http://buff.ly/1OpaOiw

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o BYD electric bus at EVRM8 will take attendees on a wine tour this Friday
o Rogue Rover all electric ATV on the WTC plaza at EVRM8
o New quick-charging station 'Electric Avenue' opens in Portland (video)
o Toyota Mirai & BMW i8 at WTC Portland https://goo.gl/1lQj7y
o Custom Tesla band for the Apple Watch via Omg_Tesla http://buff.ly/1D7h3H0

o Portland Kayactivists Paddle In Protest As Shell Prepares For Arctic
Drill - audio http://buff.ly/1Sa4vWe
o Airbus E-Fan | Fully Charged - YouTube http://buff.ly/1IxOC7z
o It has BetaMAX and VHS - DCQC w/ CHAdeMO & CCS on Electric Avenue 2.0
o 80A Level 2 J1772 charging at Electric Ave 2.0 https://goo.gl/RNQpTF
o Electric Avenue 2.0 is almost ready for the ribbon cutting
o A Mother's Social Media Post Shatters Lives in Gut-Wrenching Ad from AT&T
- Video http://buff.ly/1DyNvgk

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o This is Tesla's plan for a cheaper car - Fortune http://buff.ly/1HUEGQ3
o Tesla Now Pays $1,000 For Referral Sales, First To Refer Ten Gets Free
Model X http://buff.ly/1U8aeJQ
o The real truth about driving a 2015 Kia Soul electric car
o Fiat Chrysler CTO: Fuel Cells Are The Future, Batteries Are Not
o Wireless charging for electric cars inches closer to reality
o Next-Generation Nissan LEAF Could Be Offered In Crossover Form & 5-Door
Hatchback http://buff.ly/1exBEZo
o Used electric car prices continue to fall http://buff.ly/1h3m4qq
o Should Guerrilla EV Charging Be Considered Stealing?
o More than 25 thousand charging stations at more than 10 thousand
locations in the US http://buff.ly/1fEdDAK
o ClipperCreek Unveils HCS-50 Electric Vehicle Charging Station
o Apple in talks with BMW about electric car: Report http://buff.ly/1D99FuW
o Android Auto review: A beautiful, but beta alternative to awful OEM
solutions http://buff.ly/1SKxsTz
o Plugless For LEAF Is Now $1540 With Free Shipping, Price For Volt Is
$1,260 http://buff.ly/1Kv6PAm
o Tesla taxi at Electric Avenue 2.0 in Portland http://buff.ly/1fEmpPi
o Go Electric: The Sierra Club has a great new electric vehicle guide
o U.S. Legislators Prepare New Federal Highway Bill — Which Could Charge
You to Drive an Electric Car http://buff.ly/1D3SJ9k
o Air Quality, Not Gas Prices, Drives Electric Car Sales
o Nissan LEAF EV has above average reliability http://buff.ly/1DJpByJ
o Tesla Model 3, To Be Revealed In March, Might Have 300-Mile Range: Report
o Will Tesla Motors Redefine Supercars With Its Next Roadster?
o Apple, Tesla and Why We Need to Take Solar Seriously
o Raise the gasoline tax before it's too late: Bloomberg View
o Oil still a major source of revenue for terrorist groups
o Even More Coal-Fired Power Plants To Be Retired Under Proposed EPA Rules
o Latest Views of Tesla’s Massive Gigafactory http://buff.ly/1D1jDyl
o Two start-ups try to wind draft on Tesla Motor's success
o 12,000 electric miles from US to Patagonia sharing energy and stories
along the way http://buff.ly/1eoojme
o Automakers push back against Michigan’s proposed EV fees
o Robotic EV Charging Station Launched By VW http://buff.ly/1empxOX
o Fuel-Cell Drivers Say Hydrogen Fuel Unavailable, Stations Don't Work
o World’s Fastest Accelerating Car is an Electric Vehicle
o Call (503)TaxiCab in Portland and you might get picked up by a
@TeslaMotors Model S
o Motor Trend: Tesla Model S Is One Of The "Top 10 Greatest American Cars
Of All Time" http://buff.ly/1LyYcaO
o PlugShare V3.0 for Android: route planner, pay w/ PlugShare, new activity
feed, & new search interface http://buff.ly/1LyY8rF
o 200th Coal Plant Closure Vindicates Plan to Shutdown Oregon's Last Coal
Plant http://buff.ly/1Op16N5
o Volkswagen Signs Electric Car-Related Deal With SAIC
o How many speeds make sense for EV transmissions? Probably one
o Quikbyke Q•pod Electric Bicycle Rental System http://buff.ly/1gQj3d0
o Tesla & Toyota In Competition For Future of Transportation Technology
o Traveling the OReGO Trail - Saddle Up! http://buff.ly/1SEpuLN

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