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*Headlines ==================================================*
o 5 local Oregon governments call for carbon pricing http://buff.ly/1dQOxy5
o OR House Bill 2271 requires EVs to pay a road-usage fee & like an EV with
no charge & no outlet, it's going nowhere http://buff.ly/1FYxlSf

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================*
o We'll be in the Florence Rhododendron Festival, May 17
o EVs on a Global Scale - Highlights from EVS28 in South Korea, May 20
o Electrathon America & Oreg. Human Powered Vehicles at PIR, May 23
o We'll be in the Reedsport Memorial Weekend Parade, May 24
o EVs on a Global Scale: Highlights from EVS28 in South Korea, May 27
o Solar Winery Tour, June 6, 2015 http://buff.ly/1GSJFlD
o EV Roadmap 8, July 29 http://buff.ly/1wbY9Et
o 2015 National Drive Electric Week: September 12-20 http://buff.ly/1teb4v0

*Northwest EV News ===========================================*
o Western States' Air Needs Improvement http://buff.ly/1cocEmK
o Portland Police Arrest Fossil-Fuel Export Protester For Blocking Train
Tracks http://buff.ly/1QwLMQy
o Road-Tripping On The West Coast Electric Highway http://buff.ly/1FWdq6p
o Oregon Senator Proposes Upgrades To U.S. Power Grid http://buff.ly/1FV7IBA

o Oregon nears end to self-serve gas ban, but only in rural areas
o Why More And More States Could Start Considering Fees On Electric Cars
o Choosing The Right Home Charging Station For Your Electric Car
o Portland Mayor urged company to withdraw proposal for a propane pipeline
o Google Maps expands into Oregon forests http://buff.ly/1JQIqHd
o With Clean Fuels as law, Oregon biofuel maker prepares for major
expansion http://buff.ly/1Eyqyu7
o How Oregon Can Benefit from Electric Vehicles http://buff.ly/1JX8ksW

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o The EV Show - 1957 Fiat Jolly 500 in Rancho Santa Fe - YouTube
o Plug-in Supercar face-off: Porsche 918 Spyder Versus McLaren P1 - Video
o Zero to 60 in the new Tesla Model S 70D- YouTube http://buff.ly/1FgNzHu
o Tesla Road Trip From Seattle To Atlantic City In Model S 85D - Video
o Georgia Power launches electric vehicle commercials http://buff.ly/1JVNiL6

o Tesla Model S charging in Yachats, OR with the CHAdeMO adaptor
o Electric 'hypercar' Toroidion 1MW boasts 1,341 horsepower - CNN Video
o Inside the Portland-made truck that drives itself (Video)
o Electric car shocks V8 set - video http://buff.ly/1dOodV7

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o Chevy Volt vs. Spark EV: The Volt Loses, 3 States to 50
o Electric vehicles are about to be super-sized, Busses, Garbage Truck, ...
o Electric Future: Will Plug-in Cars Ever Go Mainstream?
o Affordable Batteries Could Mean The Future Of Energy Is Decentralization
o Electric Taxi Means More Profit, Happier Passengers, & Happier Drivers
o Stealthy EV startup Atieva ramps up hiring, including many top ex-Tesla
engineers http://buff.ly/1co7oQ3
o Regenerative Suspension System Aims To Increase Range
o Santa Monica Man Arrested for Charging at a Public Charging Station
o Why a French company is betting this odd EV will catch on
o GM sees the future, and it's electric cars http://buff.ly/1EV6Zyf
o EV Silence Reduces Stress, Improves Mood http://buff.ly/1KRG74i
o European plug-in sales soar http://buff.ly/1FTTbq2
o Cancel Oil and Gas Leases in Sacred Blackfeet Montana Lands
o More efficient turning for electric vehicles http://buff.ly/1KQ7oEr
o Tesla: Model 3 to be shown in March 2016 http://buff.ly/1PsiaRN
o Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Apr: Pace Continues Steady: FINAL UPDATE
o 2014-2015 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Recalled For Steering Gear Fault
o Tesla buys Grand Rapids auto supplier, its first presence in Michigan
o SolarCity Reveals Installed Pricing For Tesla Powerwall

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