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Some of us may want to participate in this event (and I’ll keep Custer, SD on my radar for next year)….




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Hey, there! It was so nice to meet you at the PDX Tesla event last Saturday. :-) Dear Hubby Keith and I enjoyed it, and I've just found the link I promised I'd send you regarding the event in Custer, which is happening this coming weekend:




Talk about a wired town! :-)


So, we live out in the Gorge, on the Washington side, and every year there is a big weekend event in July in North Bonneville, called "Gorge Days". One of the biggest draws is the really big and terrific classic car show. I really like looking at all those old designs. However, I think it's time for them to include EVs, and I contacted one of the organizers... and she agreed. I've just e-mailed Patrick at OEVA (saw his posting on PDX Tesla about all the upcoming events) with the info, and I'm wondering, since this is Washington, if there's something like OEVA closer to our area. Probably mostly in Seattle or Olympia, right? I'd love to see about getting a bunch of EVs to Gorge Days!


Here's what Casey wrote to me in response to my query:


Bernadette:  We welcome all types of cars to participate in the car show during Gorge Days – those using plain old gas and those running on electricity!  So don’t hesitate to enter your Tesla if you would like.  http://gorgedays.net/carshow-registration.html .  Register in advance and win a free t-shirt!  Share the news of our great show in North Bonneville with your friends.  If we receive enough entries for EVs, we would consider an award for that specific category. 


North Bonneville doesn’t currently have a charging station available for EV owners to use but in addition to the one you mention in Cascade Locks, the charging station on the waterfront in Stevenson is certainly an option. 


Hope to see you at Gorge Days in North Bonneville this July.  Thanks for your ideas!


Casey Roeder

Skamania County Chamber of Commerce

casey at skamania.org





So, any suggestions regarding the possibility of getting EVs out here in July? I hope that Patrick will have some ideas as well. I think it would be so much fun!







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