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Fri May 22 10:33:28 PDT 2015

>From Walter Eager:

The May 21st Corvallis Gazette-Times carried a front-page, Associate Press
article entitled, “Pay-per-mile idea gets test in Oregon”.  Regrettably, an
electric car owner in Beaverton was quoted as saying, “This program targets
hybrid and electric vehicles, so it is discriminatory”.  Statements like
this give EV owners, who do not share this self-centered attitude, an
undeserved bad reputation.

There is absolutely nothing discriminatory about the pay-per-mile idea.
That is, if all vehicles in Oregon are subject to it and the rates charged
are related to road degradation factors such as vehicle weight and studded
tire use. EVs do cause road degradation and we owners should pay our fair
share for road maintenance.

Demonstrate our good faith by volunteering to participate in the
“Pay-per-mile” test program.  It will cost 1.5 cents per mile, less than
$100 per year for most EV owners during the trial period.  EV clubs press
releases and owner OpEds should then be used to widely-publicize an
extraordinary response by EV owners.  This will show the public that we
believe in fair play. It will give us the influence in the Capitol that
will be needed to establish a fair, per-mile charge rate for EVs.

EV club press releases and owner OpEds should  inform the public that those
EV owners, who drive on solar-, hydro- or wind-generated electricity, are
doing their part to protect the public from the health- and
security-degrading effects of fossil fuels.   These press releases and
OpEds should also call for enactment of Oregon Senate Bill 965. It will
progressively increase the prices of fossil fuels until they compensate for
the damage their exhaust gases cause to public health and security.  Those
prices are greater than the current prices of safe energy from sources like
the sun.  All proceeds will be paid as dividends to Oregonians.  This will
defray the additional cost of fossil fuels until their use is eliminated.
Let our government know where we, EV owners, stand on Senate Bill 965 and
on the “Per-mile-tax”.

This will minimize the time for fossil-fueled vehicles to become well ...

Walt Eager
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