[Oeva-list] Pay-per-mile Vehicle Tax

Lawrence Winiarski lawrence_winiarski at yahoo.com
Sat May 23 12:44:56 PDT 2015

If you want to talk about "Fairness", consider who is really getting the free ride.
It's trucks.   Not only do they do most of the damage, but they also cause most of the construction costs.   I.e. you have to build a muchstronger road and bridge to handle a 125,000 truck than a 3000 lb ev.
Furthermore, they definitely DON'T pay their share.    In most states they pay the same gas tax as every body else.   In Oregon trucks don'tpay a gas tax.  They are supposed to pay a weight mileage tax, but it actually requires the trucking company to send quarterly payments.   I'm sure THAT 
always gets paid....(yeah right)   If somehow the trucking company forgets, then they don't pay ANY tax.    Wouldn't it be nice to end that governmentstupidity first?   For god's sake make them pay the gas tax FIRST and then have the weight tax be in addition.   That way you'd be assured of atleast getting some tax.

So why on god's green earth do they want to get rid of the gas tax?   Common sense says they should be increasing it while cars become more fuel 
efficient and the tax burden shifted onto trucks where it should be.   That is where the nation SHOULD be going.   But apparently the drivers of largercars have better lobbyists and the average "greenie" is a naive idiot who falls under the spell of ODOT propaganda about guilt and fair share, Not beingintellectually capable of seeing he is being conned.

The simple matter is ODOT can raise the gas tax if they want more money.      That's the right thing to do in every respect.   Maybe if they do, theneventually giant trucks will finally start paying their fair share across the nation.

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