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Simple and feat argument.  Karl has my proxy vote.

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You bring up some really good points on costs of administration.  As an EV driver I’d be more than happy to have the tax on gas double or triple to pay for the roads.  But that’s not too fair.  
I’d like to see the roads paid for out of general tax revenue.  Everyone benefits from roads existing and being maintained.  Trying to turn paying for the roads into even more of a use tax is the wrong direction in my opinion.  So what if a few Washingtonians or Californians drive on our roads for free?  They’ll likely spends money at motels, restaurants etc.  My point is why waste a whole lot of administrative costs to try to make fair something that never will be.
My plan would be eliminate the gas tax altogether in Oregon and fund roads from general revenue.  At the same time I’d add a huge tax on gas to pay for the real damage gas causes to the air, water and wildlife.  That I find fair.  
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The gas tax is a very simple tax to administer.
How many gas stations are there in Oregon?   Looks like around 1000.    That's not very many.   In fact it probably only takesa few employees working full time to gather the tax.     If they got rid of the tax exemption stuff for farmers and let them apply for a rebate, they could probably even do it at the distribution level which is dealing with even FEWER enities.      

But look at the stupid mileage tax.   There are 1,000,000 drivers.    Thats 1000 TIMES more people that the revenue department has todeal with.    How many department of revenue employees are they going to have to hire to deal with this?   

I'm serious.    It's non trivial.    And instead of each employee dealing with a $100,000 monthly tax check, he's going to be dealing with amonthly check for $15....and a lot more trouble for the banks too.   And people are going to want to do it via a debit card, which allows thebanks to siphon off another 2-3% off the top.    Allof these are bad ideas.....and for what?     So they can get high MPG vehicles to paytheir "fair share"?????   Tell them to go to heck.   I'd rather it was unfair.    

I have an F250 by the way......Just letting y'all know.    I'm not just refusing to pay a tax.    I'm trying to stop a stupid idea.

The gas tax works.   It's not broken.   Leave it alone.    We shouldn't be falling for some stupid propaganda campaign for a bad idea thatshould never have gotten this far.

If you want to add another thing to you list, make sure for "Fairness" that plug-in-hybrids have to be treated equally....for bothin-state-out-of-state-electric-and gas use......and no GPS..  Let the bureaucrats  figure out some cockamamie scheme to make that "fair"
And by the way.  I don't like paying highway tax for my lawnmower either.....Have these idiots work on that problem.   
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