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*Headlines ==================================================*
o Tesla Model S is America's Best-Selling Plug-in Car This Year

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================*
o Future Mobility: Smart, Connected, & Electric - October 14
o CUB’s 5th Annual Policy Conference - October 23 http://buff.ly/1HoT2JZ

*Northwest EV News ===========================================*
o Tesla has certified Mackins Auto Body in Portland http://buff.ly/1Nl9noN
o Oregon ballot measures to get our grid off coal #Fight4CleanAir
o CUB's annual energy policy conference on 10/23, pulling in industry
leaders from across the PNW http://ow.ly/SLk0V
o Oregon State University makes graphite potassium-ion battery breakthrough
o Nissan LEAF Vs Mt Hood http://buff.ly/1Wz6T7F
o The Future of Transportation—Right-Sized EVs with Clean Liquid Fuel For
Back-up http://buff.ly/1RsstIb
o Traveling the OReGO Trail - Dead Battery Response http://buff.ly/1RsgcU0
o Gas Tax Could Appear On Portland's May Ballot http://buff.ly/1VCthuF
o The EV Loaner, how to get buts in seat in Portland http://buff.ly/1GqW0LQ
o Used 2014 Toyota RAV4 on Craigslist PDX http://buff.ly/1VtWqgT
o New Smartphone App Helps You Get Green Lights http://buff.ly/1VqkjWB
o Southern Oregon's Jordan Cove Natural Gas Project Gets Federal
Environmental Approval http://buff.ly/1Rj4Rpp
o Someone is leaving these incredibly harsh notes on Volkswagen diesel cars
in Portland http://buff.ly/1WuLSv4

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o So that's how Tesla builds cars (video) #Fireflies http://buff.ly/1MPWhwS
o Elon Musk launches Tesla Model X (9.29.15) - YouTube
o My 1st EV via http://buff.ly/1OgsoZz  http://buff.ly/1OgsmRI
o What is it called when an EV blocks a gas pump? iIs that DeICEing?
o Rentable range extender for EVs (video) http://buff.ly/1OeNF64
o Chevy Bolt In Action (Video) http://buff.ly/1RqaeTK
o Volkswagen (ironically) illustrates what a city without internal
combustion would be like in 'Enjoy The Silence' http://buff.ly/1M5G0oQ
o GM's Leaf attack ad - YouTube http://buff.ly/1PatGVm
o GM's Prius Bashing Ad - YouTube http://buff.ly/1FNBE4x
o Tesla Model X Trumps Porsche Cayenne Turbo In 0-60 MPH
o Tesla Model X giant front window in the rain (video)
o Electracutioner Breaks Record, Makes Plasma http://buff.ly/1M7t9hG
o The 2015 World Solar Challenge in 1 Minute (video) http://buff.ly/1j4dqcs
o Tesla Reimagines the Power Grid for Zero Carbon - JB Straubel

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o GM Says Li-ion Battery Cells Down To $145/kWh and Still Falling
o EPA Will Test New-Car Emissions On The Road After VW Scandal
o 3 Reasons Why There Aren't More Cars With Gullwing Doors
o Shell has left the Arctic for now, but the region isn’t safe from oil
drills until the president locks the door http://buff.ly/1Oejzy1
o via Seirra Club "We're charged up about this news (sorry)"
o New Aluminum Foam Technology To Make Trains Lighter, Faster and Stronger
o BP fined a record $20.8 billion for oil spill disaster
o Meet The 5 Minute Fast Charge Electric Bus That Could Push Every Other
Polluting Bus Off The Road http://buff.ly/1VyifMk
o Tesla Model S Sales Jump With Model X Unveiling http://buff.ly/1ORTW7J
o BMW Sales Chief: Next i Car Is In "Final Stages Of Consideration"
o MyFord Mobile Heads to Android Wear and Apple Watch http://buff.ly/1GqsAxD

o Nearly 10% of all BMW passenger cars sold US in September are electric or
hybrid http://buff.ly/1MSnUVZ
o VOLAR-e 1,000-Horsepower Electric Supercar That Can Be Recharged in
20-Minutes http://buff.ly/1RnyW77
o I Bought a Used Electric Vehicle—Here's How It's Worked Out So Far
o There will be subsidies: A brief history of tax breaks for oil companies
o U.S. States Bring Electric Vehicle Leadership to the World Stage
o Apartments & Condos Need EV Charging Stations http://buff.ly/1L3oEUC
o MoveOn dot org Petition to Demand Real Penalties for Volkswagen
o Elon Musk and SolarCity unveil the ‘World’s most efficient’ solar panel
o Whatever happened to: wave power? Why is it so far behind wind and solar?
o Shell CEO: Solar Energy To Be Backbone Of World’s Energy System
o How a Microscopic Supercapacitor Will Supercharge Mobile Electronics
o BMW technology in this Heisenberg electric bike http://buff.ly/1VrhLr3
o GM to offer autonomous Volts at Tech Center in 2016 http://buff.ly/1MLPrbD

o What the Volkswagen scandal means for our health http://buff.ly/1jBBeEv
o Denmark Plans 180% Tax on EVs While Cutting Pollution Tax on Diesel
o “When Model 3 is released, the industry will have no choice but to fully
enter the affordable long-range EV segment” http://buff.ly/1O6kGQj
o Tesla's Model X Shows an SUV Can Go All-Electric http://buff.ly/1MHmsWu
o Audi needs a Tesla-like charging network says analyst
o National Drive Electric Week 2015 Breaks Attendance Record for 2nd
Consecutive Year http://buff.ly/1O31QJF
o The Awesome Tech Of The Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors
o Refining Environmental Justice - new rule limiting toxic air pollution
from oil refineries http://buff.ly/1FIGArh
o Fisker Automotive now rebooted as Karma Automotive http://buff.ly/1O2CEDe
o Tesla's Model X SUV is finally here, and it's as wonderful as we'd hoped
- WIRED http://buff.ly/1L4cNd4
o Volkswagen staff acted criminally, says board member
o How much can electric cars reduce climate change? New report says a lot
o Laser-etched graphene brings Moore's Law to energy storage
o Hack your BMW i3, get more features, warranty be damned
o Jaguar Land Rover developing three electrification concepts
o Yet another study says EVs emit less than other vehicles even including
electricity generation http://buff.ly/1RdRNBK
o Takata air bag recalls could expand to 7 more companies

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