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*Headlines ==================================================*
o Oregon EV startup, Arcimoto, featured in WIRED http://buff.ly/1NORbEk
o Consumer Reports Stops Recommending Tesla http://buff.ly/1LJpieG

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================*
o CUB’s 5th Annual Policy Conference - October 23 http://buff.ly/1HoT2JZ

*Northwest EV News ===========================================*
o The Key to Cheap Electric Cars? Ditch the Steering Wheel
o Oregon's clean fuels program will make Oregonians healthier (Opinion)
o Ballot measures to eliminate coal power, raise renewables to 50% filed in
Oregon http://buff.ly/1LpltYs
o Traveling the OReGO Trail - Phantom Midnight Driver http://buff.ly/1GgxIta

o 3 Weeks of fun on foot: http://walktoberpdx.org
o Poll: Should Oregon ban coal power? http://buff.ly/1NeYKkH
o Discounts On Brand-New 2016 Chevy Volt, But Only In A Few Regions

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Take Charge and Go EV Etiquette Pack on KPIX 5 - YouTube
o How GM plans to beat Tesla (video) http://buff.ly/1KlnfrA
o Ford Focus Electric Gets Its First TV Ad http://buff.ly/1kk75dj
o World's Quickest Car Is Electric - Covers 1/8th-Mile In 5.74 Seconds
(video) http://buff.ly/1hMv5DS
o How much a Tesla will really cost you (video) http://buff.ly/1OCuOC2
o Stephen Colbert "I woke up yesterday and my Tesla could drive itself"
(video) http://buff.ly/1LgSEj2
o Is there more pain ahead for Volkswagen? (video) http://buff.ly/1OLgCVK
o No, Your Tesla Can’t Drive You Home When You’re Drunk
o The Talking EV Charging Station http://buff.ly/1NeNt3G
o This Tesla Model S P90D Is Recharged With A Home Hydroelectric System
o What Driving A Tesla Model S With Autosteer Is Like (videos)
o Tesla v7 autopilot running on the road - YouTube http://buff.ly/1GdKngL
o New effort to end coal-fired power in Oregon (video)
o TBT: EV Fest 2012 photo story http://buff.ly/1LzxOgv

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o BREAKING: 30 kWh 2016 Nissan LEAF Officially Gets EPA 107 Mile Rating,
116 City/95 Highway http://buff.ly/1Gn2uka
o Dyson acquires battery firm, plans to build big factory
o BYD Hopes To Raise $2.4 Billion To Finance Expanded Production Of
Batteries, New Energy Vehicles http://buff.ly/1LIkxC3
o Study touts the economic feasibility of electric cars
o Electric motorcycle company blames Apple for shutdown
o Second generation Chevy Volt is better in every way http://buff.ly/1hOYayv

o Nissan Leaf 30kWh review http://buff.ly/1M3F9GK
o How Tesla's autopilot learns - Fortune http://buff.ly/1Lkft5p
o Why U.K. Electric Vehicle Sales Are Exploding in 2015
o Teller (from Penn&Teller) writes about how he loves to drive his Tesla
Model S http://buff.ly/1QMqCgJ
o Volkswagen Recalls e-Golf & Others For Faulty Passenger Occupant
Detection System http://buff.ly/1OEtEGl
o Aston Martin CEO: Diesel Is Done, Electrification Is Imminent
o Aston Martin CEO Talks Automaker's Electric Future, "You’ve got to do
something radical" http://buff.ly/1ZP44Sv
o Full electric vehicles cheaper than hybrids http://buff.ly/1Kj35yF
o EVs Make Cities Cooler AND Cooler http://buff.ly/1ZONiTG
o Volvo's Future Includes A Plug For Every Car - Forbes
o Electric Bus by New Flyer! http://buff.ly/1MxlhpW
o Mitsubishi Plans To Launch Whole Family Of Plug-In & Electric SUVs By
2020 http://buff.ly/1NikIDj
o Volkswagen is pegging its fate to a major bet on electric cars
o Win A Tesla Model S From Illinois Solar Energy Association
o Volvo: It's time for electric cars to enter the mainstream
o Benzene in traffic emissions tied to childhood leukemia
o 10 Most Efficient Electric Vehicles You Can Plug In http://buff.ly/1jr6OVK

o Chevy Volt Batteries Almost 100% Problem-Free http://buff.ly/1LckXz4
o The Vehicle That Could Save the Planet Isn't an Electric Car — It's a Bus
o Seven Things You Need To Know About Tesla Autopilot http://buff.ly/1LckCMB

o Electric car best choice for teens? http://buff.ly/1Lckwoc
o Next Aston Martin Rapide Will Be Electric http://buff.ly/1PjHA8B
o Flashback: Chevrolet Volt Advertisements From The Past
o Elon, Take the Wheel! We Test Tesla’s New Autopilot Feature
o Bill McKibben Got Arrested While Protesting Outside An ExxonMobil Station
o Toyota vs. Tesla – can hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles compete with EVs?
o The "Tesla of motorcycles" electric superbike maker to IPO in Milan
o Zero Motorcycles' latest electric bikes pack more powerful engines
o Toyota aims to nearly eliminate gasoline cars by 2050
o Here's When You'll Be Able to Afford to Buy a Tesla http://buff.ly/1ZEkKfo

o This new electric bus can travel from New York City to Boston on a single
charge. That's huge http://bit.ly/1VBRUaV
o Why A Tesla Fan Made This Stunning Unofficial Brand Commercial
o Buying An Electric Car: Why Charging Rate, DC Quick-Charging Matter
o Carmakers Lobby To Keep Software Secret, Despite VW Emission Scandal
o Tesla's Model X won't save the world, and it's not meant to - Fortune
o There is now a Super Charger for electric motorcycles
o Tesla says Reno journalist drove into security guards on Gigafactory
grounds  http://buff.ly/1Qs4rfw
o 2016 Hyundai Sonata has 27 Miles of Electric Range http://buff.ly/1Mo0nJG

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