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This is just so disappointing to hear.
So do I understand this correctly?
The plan is to charge EV drivers 2 hours x $ 2 = 4 dollars then 8  x $1 = 8 
Total of charging and parking an EV is 12 dollars in 10 hours.
As Myles points out, what would you expect to happen
This takes the most efficient vehicle and cleanest, to the become most  
expensive vehicle. 
Actually the reasoning to build light rail, does not make sense if you  
look at the cost.
1.5 billion dollars for just over seven miles. We could buy a huge fleet of 
 electric buses for 
just the cost of this one short light rail extension. 
It would be far less expensive to use electric buses, and not build  these 
grandiose projects
that were based improving over technology of the past. 
Advances in batteries or energy storage is going to continue to make  huge
If the goal is to move people using electric. EVs do that well, and  
electric buses
would be most logical next step.
Don Blazer
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Parking garage has been full since day 1.   Little to no use of EVs in the 
parking garage.  They reduced the number  of EV spaces and still no EVs and 
parking lot is full.

Fee for EV is $2  an hour for the first few hours and then goes to $1 an 
hour.   So not cost effective for an EV driver parking there all  day??.

They may reduce further if there is no EV  use.


Q:  Wasn?t this a predictable outcome or are you surprised?

I think  we EV enthusiasts should consider this as a test case.  It?s been 
just 6  weeks now and already they pulled the trigger on killing EV 
exclusive use of  parking spaces.  But they didn?t stop there---they killed the 
ability to  even charge an EV!

The Rose Garden has better policies with regard to  their significant array 
of Blink charging stations.  And this is an  important comparison: While 
it?s rare that EV?s park in the Blink spots, the  charge stations continue to 
be available, though they are not exclusive for  EV?s.  TriMet (or Oak 
Grove???) didn?t even consider leaving these  enabled, choosing to deny the 
ability to recharge within weeks of going  live.  That?s rude and someone should 
take this on as an educational  opportunity.

Or shall we just throw in the hat and agree that  advocating for charge 
stations no longer makes  sense?

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