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Thanks Bill, Myles, Rick, Pat, Don  and others for the lively discussion. 
 Well, when you give away free parking for ICE vehicles, and charge EV drivers $12 a day to park there you might as well haul your EV downtown and save the $12 plus $5 TriMet round trip fare = $17, and apply it to a downtown garage with a charging station.

The Oak Grove community worked hard on getting the charging stations and solar panels funded and installed. I was originally told the charging stations would be free because the station was energy neutral. So I'm surprised at the cost, and if you are going to charge someone to utilize the parking infrastructure why not charge for ICE parking too?
I was also told that the garage originally was supposed to be 5 stories high instead of 3, but the structure is designed to support the extra two floors, and even the solar installation can be easily be moved to the top, if two more floors are added. 
I would suggest we have a classic pricing structure problem. If you give something of value away, you have hordes of takers. The problem is not the cost of charging, but the irate crowd of ICE drivers, resenting that they cannot find a free parking place, and going down that dead end finger to get a spot and see that they cannot park there because it is reserved for EVS only. Can you imagine their outrage?
Here are a few options I would throw out for discussion:
1.   I would suggest TriMet re-activate the charging station and require anyone parking there pay $12; Change the cost of charging to free. Then if Mr. ICE is desperate he can park there for a premium; maybe play with the fee charged to adjust to a more reasonable market price; say $3. Then these space would only fill when every other place is filled. Effectively reserving them for EV drivers who get there early enough. 
2. OR, charge EVERYBODY something to park there. What is the market value of a parking space? Some TriMet riders may be getting free annual TriMet passes and want free parking too before they will separate their rear ends from their ICE vehicles- -Bye bye to them. Say the charge to park is $3 a day? Of course the EV parking gets free charging.
3. Add an EV shuttle bus to a more distant park and ride location. Presumably further south along McLoughlin?
PS I only saw 2 bicycles in the bike cage; anyone clamoring for the cage to be torn down?
Gene Fifield 

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    Trimet may be trying to appease public anger at empty EV-only
    parking spaces. But as Patrick points out, EV drivers need an
    effective safety net with available spaces, thus underutilized, thus
    expensive. (Or cheap but inconvenient, but then there is no profit
    for the EVSE provider.)

    Don - $12 is much cheaper than being late to work.


    Those who charge at home only need the safety net, but apartment
    dwellers and those who park on the street need cheap AND convenient
    charging away from home. We can hope for that from supportive
    employers but not from an overcrowded mass transit station.
  - Bill

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      Theoldcars at aol.com wrote:

        This is just so disappointing to hear.
        So do I understand this correctly?
        The plan is to charge EV drivers 2 hours x $ 2 = 4 dollars
          then 8 x $1 = 8 
        Total of charging and parking an EV is 12 dollars in 10
        As Myles points out, what would you expect to happen
        This takes the most efficient vehicle and cleanest, to the
          become most expensive vehicle. 


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