[Oeva-list] Of Think City, eGolf, and C-Max Energi for sale

Carl Hassman hassmanc at lanecc.edu
Fri Sep 4 13:32:36 PDT 2015

Hello Everybody

I bought a Think City new in October 2012, and put 41,000 miles on it by last month.  I loved driving it every minute!  I know they have a bit of a reputation because some have had issues with the precharge resistor.  I had no issue, and suspect that the OEM 12 volt battery may get low on voltage and start the trouble.  I always made sure the car was charged and it never sat long enough to let the accessory battery drain.

I autocrossed it once, great fun!  It needs a better anti sway bar, and the factory brakes are not up to repeated hard use, but it ran fast!  

This is the type of vehicle I wish was made for people like me, a great little commuter, no frills, just AC, seats, power windows. If range is extended, I could see cruise control being needed.   

It is now my daughter's main transportation, and I miss it.

This transfer made me painfully aware of fuel costs, and how much I had come to ignore the prices, since I rarely needed to fuel up.  It is very liberating to drive a vehicle that has a small budgeted cost for energy.  I am now driving a diesel Excursion!  I am very aware of prices now, and had to relearn parking skills I didn't need with the Think.  By the way, people are just as rude to Thinks as they are to Excursions, typically a different set of people though. 

My wife has an eGolf.  It is luxurious, handles like a dream, and has the frills that are missing on the Think. The range is also greater, with us making 80 mile trips between cities (Springfield to Salem) and back after using a DC charging station.  I think the eGolf is the family favorite, with three of us vying to drive it when we get the chance. We plan to keep this one and it will be our EV for the near future. I autocrossed this car too, what a blast!  Where the Think was quick without sophistication, the eGolf is fast and smooth, and the brakes are well up to the challenge.  A fast car from the factory! 

I also have a 2014 C-Max Energi plug in hybrid, and it is a great family vehicle.  Super quiet, can run all electric for 20 miles give or take, and gets great mileage when running in hybrid mode.  It is loaded with options and conveniences. I love it for it's ease of driving and fuel economy.  I am needing to reduce monthly expenses, though, so if anyone is interested in transferring the lease, please contact me directly, it is a good deal and has 20 months left. I put it on the Swapalease.com site also.  I am not sure it is proper etiquette to put a for sale notice here, but I do need to move this vehicle soon so I am putting it out to everyone.

I have been using a 240 volt charging cord I bought from the Electric Vehicle Institute.  They are very portable and run on 120 or 240.  Matt with EVI has been very helpful, I had an early model and when it had an issue, he took care of it promptly.   It provides up to 16 amps at 240 volts. That's not as powerful as many wall chargers, but it's portability makes it desirable.  We can take it most anywhere and charge our cars! Consider using an EV as a dinghy vehicle when RVing, and then plugging in to the 240 volt power that is at most RV parks and charging for all your local driving!

Thanks for reading my ramble!

Carl in Springfield OR

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