[Oeva-list] NDEW Wilsonville Report

Gary Exner garyex1 at msn.com
Mon Sep 21 12:12:35 PDT 2015

We had a fantastic turnout and glorious weather for the event!

The "official" estimates I'm reporting to Plug-in America:

Total number of people who participated in the event, saw the vehicles, 
spoke with owners, or watched any event presentations: 500 (we had 196 

Number of Plug-in Vehicles at the event: 80

Number of test rides/drives given: 90

I cannot express enough thanks to everyone who turned out to talk about 
EV's. Without the massive display of owner EV's, the event would not 
have anywhere near the same impact. I believe it could be the largest EV 
gathering in ever Oregon?

It's great fun to gather owners together and talk about EV's, but the 
main goal of NDEW is to educate the public. I'm very, very happy with 
the number of non-owners that came through, talked to owners and 
hopefully took advantage of the test drive opportunities.

We had a lot of people genuinely interested in looking at them for 
future purchase, and having knowledgeable people to provide information 
is the best option. Dealers often suffer from lack of knowledge and have 
a different agenda. While owners all love our specific EV, I never once 
heard anyone disparage any of the EV's shown.

While the event was a huge success, it wasn't perfect. A few things I 
noted (feedback and suggestions are encouraged):
1) I'm good at getting people/cars/dealers to the event, but didn't 
delegate enough to make the setup and actual execution of the event run 
as smoothly as it could have. Most of following are a result of this.
2) Layout was less than optimal - I knew it was going to be crowded, and 
getting tents/cars etc placed was a challenge.
3) Signs - didn't get the directional signs out the way I'd hoped
4) Overlooked anything on-site promoting the test drives - many didn't 
know they were available. It was in all the promotional material, on the 
web page, in the radio spots - but not at the event. Oops!
5) Lamb's market had a couple of minor complaints. The tents set the way 
they were sort of isolated the event from the store and they music was 
too soft (they wanted it to be a PARTY!)

We did have several people pre-registered that indicated "Radio" as a 
source - so the spots we ran did increase awareness. No way of knowing 
exactly how many came as a result.
Will meet with KINK to draw the "Ultimate test drive" winners this week. 
Hope you all entered!

Thanks again to all who participated and made the event a huge success! 
I will be at the next meeting and look forward to any suggestions 
feedback you want to give at that time.

Gary Exner
NDEW Wilsonville City Captain
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