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Wm Bates billbates at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 14:44:19 PDT 2015

Funny, I thought the music was too loud. Then again I was parked next to
the booth. Other than that, I had a great time along with three test
drives. Looking to make a purchase early nest year.

Cheers, Bill

On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 12:12 PM, Gary Exner <garyex1 at msn.com> wrote:

> We had a fantastic turnout and glorious weather for the event!
> The "official" estimates I'm reporting to Plug-in America:
> Total number of people who participated in the event, saw the vehicles,
> spoke with owners, or watched any event presentations: 500 (we had 196
> pre-registered).
> Number of Plug-in Vehicles at the event: 80
> Number of test rides/drives given: 90
> I cannot express enough thanks to everyone who turned out to talk about
> EV's. Without the massive display of owner EV's, the event would not have
> anywhere near the same impact. I believe it could be the largest EV
> gathering in ever Oregon?
> It's great fun to gather owners together and talk about EV's, but the main
> goal of NDEW is to educate the public. I'm very, very happy with the number
> of non-owners that came through, talked to owners and hopefully took
> advantage of the test drive opportunities.
> We had a lot of people genuinely interested in looking at them for future
> purchase, and having knowledgeable people to provide information is the
> best option. Dealers often suffer from lack of knowledge and have a
> different agenda. While owners all love our specific EV, I never once heard
> anyone disparage any of the EV's shown.
> While the event was a huge success, it wasn't perfect. A few things I
> noted (feedback and suggestions are encouraged):
> 1) I'm good at getting people/cars/dealers to the event, but didn't
> delegate enough to make the setup and actual execution of the event run as
> smoothly as it could have. Most of following are a result of this.
> 2) Layout was less than optimal - I knew it was going to be crowded, and
> getting tents/cars etc placed was a challenge.
> 3) Signs - didn't get the directional signs out the way I'd hoped
> 4) Overlooked anything on-site promoting the test drives - many didn't
> know they were available. It was in all the promotional material, on the
> web page, in the radio spots - but not at the event. Oops!
> 5) Lamb's market had a couple of minor complaints. The tents set the way
> they were sort of isolated the event from the store and they music was too
> soft (they wanted it to be a PARTY!)
> We did have several people pre-registered that indicated "Radio" as a
> source - so the spots we ran did increase awareness. No way of knowing
> exactly how many came as a result.
> Will meet with KINK to draw the "Ultimate test drive" winners this week.
> Hope you all entered!
> Thanks again to all who participated and made the event a huge success! I
> will be at the next meeting and look forward to any suggestions feedback
> you want to give at that time.
> Gary Exner
> NDEW Wilsonville City Captain
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