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*Headlines ==================================================*
o Happy World Car-Free Day: Enjoy a walk or bike ride today!

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================*
o Racing to Innovate: Electric Motorsports, Sept 24 http://buff.ly/1M37fyH
o Tesla is officially launching the Model X at an event on September 29th
o CUB’s 5th Annual Policy Conference, October 23 http://buff.ly/1HoT2JZ

*Northwest EV News ===========================================*
o BYD Wins Huge Electric Bus Contract In Washington State
o Drive Oregon's new eBikes Commute resource page http://buff.ly/1NIcq8U
o Senators, Congresswoman Seek More Time For Oregon LNG Review
o Eugene, Oregon Utility Offers Loans To Businesses To Install EV Chargers
o Think City (100% Electric Vehicle) 2011 for sale $9000 in Portland
o Tesla Charging Station | Rest and Recharge at The Westin Portland
o Multnomah County, Portland to consider fossil fuel divestment
o Nissan LEAF CARWINGS Will Become NissanConnect EV on September 29

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Apple car a 'gigantic money pit' says Lutz (video) http://buff.ly/1Wh5fYa
o The Electric Car on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (Season 11, Episode 3)
o Berkeley Labs Electrolyte Genome Project: looking for the next battery
breakthrough - YouTube http://buff.ly/1FZk1tk
o Electric cars on display in Boise - YouTube http://buff.ly/1FpYyPn
o Need to deliver a speech for your communications class? Why not talk
about electric cars?
   Chase Lynch did. WTG Chase! http://buff.ly/1Fpvck8
o Driving the BMW i3 with only one pedal (video) http://buff.ly/1FpuGCy
o 2015 Honda Sensing Technology http://buff.ly/1FVMuA4
o National Drive Electric Week in Wilsonville, Oregon http://buff.ly/1Mkzzwr

o Elon. Evolution - CNNMoney (video) http://buff.ly/1iZZkII
o National Drive Electric Week in Wilsonville, Oregon via Solar Oregon
o Portland early this morning. From the Ross Island Bridge by Photos By
Mike http://buff.ly/1FT3eIs
o Tesla Model X Shown With Ski/Snowboard Carrying Hitch Rack
o 5 Cool EVs We Want To See - YouTube http://buff.ly/1MvISN2
o Q&A: What does Porsche electric car mean for the luxury brand? (video)
o Elon Musk: The Hyperloop is easy, my interns can do it (video)
o Three Tesla  Model S at the Yachats, Oregon https://goo.gl/xYqgKj
o Tuner Mansory offers aftermarket body kit for Tesla Model S

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o Tesla Gigafactory & Battery Improvements Could Cut Battery Costs 70%
o Apple car targeted to launch in 2019, says WSJ http://buff.ly/1Or4iey
o Happy International Day of Peace! EVs: No war required to fuel the future
o More people die from air pollution than Malaria and HIV/Aids, new study
shows http://buff.ly/1KpCi75
o Growing Up Electric: “The Tesla Generation" http://buff.ly/1FWrJEp
o 10 Electric Planes to Watch http://buff.ly/1NFzKE6
o Musk-have WiFi: Internet everywhere if Elon Musk’s 4,000-satellite idea
gets US greenlight http://buff.ly/1iq90f4
o U.S. manufacturers lead in electric-car patents http://buff.ly/1MkkQ4P
o Bosch has groundbreaking battery technology for electric vehicles -
Automotive World http://buff.ly/1iYDGEX
o Volkswagen: 20 electric or plug-in hybrid models by 2020
o Cheaper Tesla Battery Will Rev Profitability: Analyst
o Tesla Asked Women What They Wanted and Came Up With Model X SUV
o Germans Vs Tesla In High-End Electric Cars: Will Fast Charging Follow In
Time? http://buff.ly/1KlYcYU
o Electric Vehicle Ownership Broadens, Crosses Political Boundaries
o How can cities quit their fossil-fuel addiction? http://buff.ly/1MwnM12
o Electric-Car Range: The More You Have, The More You Use, Canadian Data
Shows http://buff.ly/1KWiJ9R
o MIT joins with Toyota on $25 million research center for autonomous cars
o Beijing banned cars for 2 weeks and the sky turned perfectly blue. Guess
what happened the next day? http://buff.ly/1iSZcLc
o Tesla Easter Egg Has Space Balls Ludicrous Speed Video
o US DOE Awards Nearly $55M to Advance Fuel Efficient Vehicle Technologies
in Support of EV Everywhere & SuperTruck http://buff.ly/1QkYS26
o Air Pollution Kills 3 Million a Year: Study http://buff.ly/1ikmIA4
o Bosch claims new EV heat pump system can increase range by up to 25%
o Volkswagen just re-released everyone’s favorite hippy-van…but now it’s
electric http://buff.ly/1FPRaHV
o TBT: 4 Years ago we had a "Cars in the Park" event at the Portland Art
Museum http://buff.ly/1i2pycW
o To celebrate #NDEW2015, Ford is giving away PEVs on the Ellen DeGeneres
show  http://buff.ly/1Of3idh
o 10 Things I Love About My Electric Vehicle by US DOE
o A Third American City Is Now Running Entirely On Renewable Energy
o EV Everywhere: Get Connected! US Department of Energy

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