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Hello Dmitry
Depending on the salvage costs it might not be worth keeping.
>From what I have seen the Nissan Leaf salvage has been overpriced
because their packs have been selling for a premium amount. 
Used packs have sold for around 2700 with as much as 40,000
miles on them. 
Which is amazing to me because you can now buy a used
2011 Nissan Leaf with 20,000 miles for as low as 8,000 dollars.
Its been a while since I have seen any car drop this much in
value so quickly. If you check Seattle or San Francisco Craigslist
there is a lot of them. 
The Leaf is a very nice EV. The pack though IMO was a choice 
to keep the costs down. Many on this list have posted losing
bars with still fairly low miles. 
There are better lithium batteries that cost a little more but
have a superior cycle life. 
Don Blazer
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Sad to say, but seems my 2011 Leaf been  totalled in an accident.
May be no other good use for it than parts.
All  parts as usual with one to highlight - $600 set of tirew from Les
Shwabb,  with about 5k on them, and 80k warranty.  Happy to include OEM
allow  wheels for a little extra.

I'd like to know if there is any interest,  so I can decide if I want to buy
it back when time  comes.

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