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*Headlines ==================================================*
Tesla launches the Model X - VIN 1 & 2 delivered
o live-blog by Fortune http://buff.ly/1JByCeH

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================*
o Nissan LEAF CARWINGS Will Become NissanConnect EV on September 29
o CUB’s 5th Annual Policy Conference, October 23 http://buff.ly/1HoT2JZ

*Northwest EV News ===========================================*
o Drive Oregon E-bike Sweepstakes http://buff.ly/1L12Lti
o Someone is leaving these incredibly harsh notes on Volkswagen diesel cars
in Portland http://buff.ly/1Lid3qU
o Protest leaders hail Shell decision to halt Arctic drilling
o Portland City Council signs off on new bike-share program
o Federal court upholds Oregon's clean fuels program http://buff.ly/1KDJIAF
o Oil Industry Attack on Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard Dismissed
o OSU gets $2.5 million grant to field test new solar technology
o Volkswagen lied to a lot of people. Now it's getting sued in a Portland
court (and everywhere else) http://buff.ly/1Js6ESu
o Phillips 66 May Find the Renewable Fuel Standard Unstoppable Despite
Herculean Effort to Stop It http://buff.ly/1Lg1pge
o Traveling the OReGO Trail - Dead Battery http://buff.ly/1KEW7UZ
o SolarWorld Lands 65 MW Contract In Oregon http://buff.ly/1MuPZlS

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Tesla Model X Tows Big Trailer - Video http://buff.ly/1MWhEzb
o Watch The New Tesla Model X Doors In Action Outside Of The Showroom
o Wilsonville Drive Electric Week event photos http://buff.ly/1OuSoAs
o TBT: EV Fest 2009 (then called EV awareness day) http://buff.ly/1KkSPXK

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o Workplace Charging Gaining Traction http://buff.ly/1MCwRTh
o Tesla blows away the competition when it comes to how far its cars can go
on a charge http://buff.ly/1MBQydV
o Fastned prepares for 300 kW charging http://buff.ly/1MBHxRS
o Why Electric Cars Might Be The Best Cars For Teenage Drivers
o Why the days of gas-powered cars are numbered http://buff.ly/1RbWHiw
o EPA Ratings Published For Tesla Model X http://buff.ly/1VjEy8d
o Home charging station that uses the cloud data to charge when the grid is
its greenest  http://buff.ly/1YJsoVr
o Tesla Motors Inc Gears Up Production With First-Ever European Plant
o Volvo To Present Production Pure Electric Bus In October
o Tesla Model 3 Will Benefit From Lowest Battery Costs Of Any Maker:
Jefferies http://buff.ly/1Fu6YWd
o Don't wait for electric vehicle infrastructure, you (probably) don't need
it http://buff.ly/1LIrW4A
o Elon Musk on Volkswagen scandal: 'We've reached the limit of what's
possible' with fueled cars http://buff.ly/1KEi5L2
o Elon Musk: Tesla is in talks with other automakers about sharing the
SuperCharger network http://buff.ly/1Verm4p
o Tesla's Model III goes 200 miles per charge and costs $35,000
o EPA warns all automakers that it's 'stepping up' emissions testing in
wake of VW scandal http://buff.ly/1iAYDVP
o How to get your home and garage EV-ready http://buff.ly/1OWGUou
o The Apple iCar -- What Will It Look Like? - Forbes http://buff.ly/1FmMDSB
o VW scandal: Volkswagen suspends more employees as board names Mueller as
CEO http://buff.ly/1KUPdQ5
o Survey Says… Electric Cars Work Well As Primary Cars
o EV Connect offers public charging stations for $99/month
o Volkswagen scandal may hasten 'clean' diesel's demise
o How VW Can Atone For Diesel Deception: Electric-Car Advocate's Thoughts
o Leonardo DiCaprio breaks up with Big Oil http://buff.ly/1OV6ryn
o Electric Cars Cut Greenhouse Gases, Energy Use: New EPRI-NRDC Study
o One Million EVs Have Been Sold Worldwide! http://buff.ly/1OV1Xru
o Tesla tweaks its battery chemistry: a closer look at silicon anode
development http://buff.ly/1LzFbnX
o VW's diesel emissions revelations will help electric car makers like
Tesla http://buff.ly/1VcNQh9

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