[Oeva-list] Old member, new EVer

Aaron Burt aaron at bavariati.org
Sun Apr 24 15:38:01 PDT 2016

Howdy, I'm Aaron Burt.
Been lurking on this list (but not attending meetings much) for a few 
years, intending to build an electric motorcycle.
Finally broke down and bought a 2012 Zero XU from a nice fellow in 
Washington yesterday.

Looking forward to bringing it to the May meeting.  The battery is 
detachable, I might be tempted to bring it inside for dissection and 
inspection. :)

It has a Sevcon motor controller, I'm hoping to work out how to tweak 
its regen settings and diagnose some weird "hiccups" on initial startup. 
  I have an EE degree but no practical experience with EV tech.

Anyway, good to meet y'all!

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