[Oeva-list] EV Strategy Draft comments

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Thu Dec 1 16:28:41 PST 2016

On 12/1/16 9:06 AM, Myles Twete wrote:

> Regarding (1): Not living in Portland for the past 10 years, Alan, you have no idea how much bike commuting in this town has increased

I do watch Portland news, so yes, I know it has grown dramatically, I
just think 25%, as you say, is a pipe dream.  And I agree that the Max
support for bikes is a big bottleneck (I did actually ride it with my
bike last summer).

> Regarding Converting Cars to EV's: Alan, sorry, but "that is so 20 years ago"

You misunderstood my comment - I was referring to converting drivers to
EVs, not the cars themselves, as in getting people to buy them.  While
they're taking off, there are still a lot of people, even a majority, I
suspect, who still find them too limited to consider.  If I remember
right, this relates to one of the goals of the draft of moving drivers
to EVs.

> Regarding the Bolt using a charging system "that is rare": Sure, the newer combined SAE HV/J1772 charge stations are rare, so I get your point.  But I'm holding back laughter because unlike everyone else in the industry which opted for charging connectors that were SAE and "standard" (even ChaDeMo at least had a consortium behind it), Elon Musk opted to not only develop a "rare" proprietary connector but then went off and deployed his own exclusive network of "rare" charging/fast-charging stations for only his higher paid customers

In fact, that's one of my annoyances with Tesla, but the fact is, he
*has* built out a world-wide cross-country network that has no parallel
at the moment.  My hope is actually that that new high-power ccs system
recently announced will get some traction and support globally, as even
the Tesla system is under powered for the 100kWh batteries that I think
will be the long term standard eventually.

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