[Oeva-list] Chevy S10 conversion for sale

Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Mon Dec 26 10:22:05 PST 2016

This Chevy S10 conversion is for sale. $1500 OBO. Needs new batteries-good
time to convert to LiFePO. 




Here's a link to a website showing the details:


Do you know of anyone who might be interested in it dirt cheap?  I don't
have the money or the time to deal with it anymore but I would love to see
it or the parts be of some use.

The batteries are literally dead.  It will not move but the motor and
controller and all the electronics were working the last time it ran a month
or so ago (I drove it from my place to Lowe's and back - about 4 miles
roundtrip - without incident; though it just barely made it up my driveway).
The truck itself is in ok shape though I suspect there's some acid damage
under the batteries in the bed.  It could be a project or provide parts for
a project.

Look forward to hearing  from you.


Peter Flipsen 

503-207-5710 (home)


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