[Oeva-list] Electric Avenue - Back in parking not allowed

Rick Durst Rick.Durst at pgn.com
Thu Dec 29 13:36:46 PST 2016

Forwarded from a user at Electric Avenue:

It may be good to give the EV Club WTC folks a heads-up that they'll get a ticket if they back in to the Electric Avenue space to be able to reach their charge port. I had to back in with my i3 this morning to charge it (there must be new cords that are shorter) and got a $50 ticket for it. It's my own fault for not knowing the rule, but I figured others might do the same if it doesn't reach theirs...

My added note that I put on Plugshare:

Chargers #1 and 2 closest to 2nd ave have shorter CCS cords than #3 and #4.  The longer ones have a 6-8 week delivery time, so we got the short ones to get the chargers back up and running.   As soon as the longer ones come in we will replace them


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