[Oeva-list] NissanConnect - Carwings not working?

Brian Lockhart bdlockhart at flyglobalnow.com
Fri Dec 30 17:03:37 PST 2016

I don't know if it's related, but after I checked the update feature yesterday, I changed a couple notification settings and set it to update when opening the application; then this morning it wouldn't connect.  After rebooting my phone and changing the settings back, I was able to turn on the heat again.  So I guess I don't know if it's Nissan Connect that's glitchy or my Samsung phone.

Brian Lockhart

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All the problems slowly started fixing themselves yesterday and everything is ok on our trip to Seattle.  Whew!
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Thanks a lot.  That's good information.  So it seems it's just mine that doesn't work.  That gives me a path to pursue.

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My 2011, VIN 1866, with the 3G upgrade (done last week), worked for turning on the heat this morning, and worked for an update just now.

Brian Lockhart

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If you use the Leaf remote access could you check to see if it works for you?  Mine has stopped working.  The car talks to Nissan and does everything I can think of but a request from the web/phone to update or turn on the heat fails.  Since I'm going to Seattle tomorrow I'd really like it fixed.  It's the only way a 2011 Leaf can get heat while charging.

If you try it, could you let me know if it works and your car's year and VIN.  I'd like to be able to call back and tell them I'm not the only one having the problem.  They told me there was no way anyone would look at my problem for weeks.  Isn't Nissan great?


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